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First, thank you for doing some research and wanting to feed your cat the best food possible. Actually, generally speaking, cat's poo is more smelly on dry food than wet. That said, your cat's poo may be smelly for any number of reasons, including an allergy to something in the new food. I assume he is an indoor cat; if not, he may have worms (though would probably also have diarrhea). It could be because it is indeed new food to him. I suggest you (and maybe your...
I'm so sorry too. Petey was blessed to have you as his mother.
Ritz has/had FHS, probably precipitated by routine vaccinations (rabies, distemper). As GoHolistic indicated, FHS is a mysterious illness, and not a lot of vets know much about it, especially non-feline specialists. I would see if a change in diet helps any. You want a food that has the least amount of additives. Ritz was already on a prey model raw diet. Also, stress seems to play a part in FHS, so you should try to play with Walle Bear on a regular basis. Keep to a...
I feed a small community cat colony--I wish they would recognize raw as food, but they ignore it, looking for Fancy Feast. When the community cat colony was larger, one or two cats would eat my 'failed experiments'. But they've disappeared or gone to where there is more food.
I too have been 'window shopping' at HT. I've been wanting to buy some one day old quail/rabbit and mice to see if she would like it (she loves chicken heads). I fed prey model raw. Ritz loves rabbit but it is a PIA to debone when I buy it at the international supermarket. I never thought of ordering it with fur, but now.... Also wondered about constipation, which Ritz is a little prone to. Any idea how much bone is in the rabbit? I normally feed Ritz bone three times a...
It looks pretty good--how old is your cat? Blue Healthy has a decent reputation. I do note these ingredients: Ground Brown Rice, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Cranberries, .... , Carrageenan. Some cats have problems with Carrageenan (my human nutritionist hates this additive). It seems a little low in calories and fat, but I fed raw, so I'm sure other people will weigh in.
You all aren't imposing on ME or Becky. Becky wants to see the ASPCA as much as I do (Becky = dogs; Cindy = cats) and I don't do well doing nothing--shopping included. It would be a good opportunity to meet you all, though I fully realize it would mean missing work from our jobs. And work is important: it keeps our furbabies in kibble and EVO and venison and cat trees and blankets.....
(It's you, not me.... ) Hope it works on your home computer. I have similar issues with other sites.
My twin sister (Becky) and I. And Jean, the tour guide/organizer. As far as I know she doesn't post on TCS, but she is an active volunteer for P.A.W.S. and, I believe, a shelter on the Eastern Shore. Thanks.
You could also try 'petting' him with a really soft feather that is at the end of a wand. Usually this is a toy, but in this case, you can just gentle touch him with the feather. Maybe caress their cheeks with the feather. If they lean into it, it means they like it; then try seeing if they will tolerate rubbing the blunt end of the stick around the neck area (am I making sense?)
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