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I agree with Ondine. Though... if you trap another cat, I'd get him/her spayed/neutered. Chances are you won't get, well, another chance. (I was trying to trap one specific cat in an area I wasn't familiar with. Never caught the cat I wanted to catch--but six others made their way into the trap. Lesson: there are more stray/abandoned cats that you don't see than the one(s) you do see.)
Buckley was a cat I was helping socialize; he escaped into the walls and ceiling as he was being put into a cat carrier to go to his Furever Home. Two weeks later he returned to the area from which he was removed (two miles away), which was my community cat colony. I calmly picked him up (no resistance) and returned him to where he was being socialized. He was much more friendly, peaceful this time: he learned he had it good indoors. (He was later adopted out to a...
If you can capture the cat, I would do so (wear gloves, wrap in a large towe), and take the cat to your vet and ask him to euthanize it. Alternatively, see if the vet will come to you. And I'd call animal control again. Talk kindly to him/her. So at least what he hears last is kindness. They say in humans hearing is the last to go; given how much better cats hear, maybe the same is true. There some cat sanctuaries have special permission from their main vet to euthanize...
I was just about to recommend reuseable containers (that's how I store prey model raw) until I saw you've already considered that idea. This article gave me an idea: how about ice cube trays? They do come in different sizes, i.e., mini cubes to large cubes and are stackable. The food defrosts quickly, too.
I've never heard of this behavior either (which is why I subscribed to this Thread). My only thoughts -- and I'm grasping at straws, here -- is dominance or dementia. How is there interaction today?
Sometimes there is NO answer, reason. You're doing everything right, and things still happen. I fed prey model raw (with bone), and Ritz still has to have her teeth cleaned about every other year. I chalk it up to her poor diet when she was young (abandoned/dumped; fed some milk and cereal until trapped). I would try the elimination diet for the skin condition. And I'd read/study the labels from the dry food/wet food and see what is the same in both (additive? ...
Welcome to The Cat Site, sorry it's under these circumstances. And, wow. Just wow. Thank you for caring. This is a similar thread, some of the tips might help. Cats can live several weeks if they have access to water; only a few days if no food. But cats don't need much food--one or two mice a day is sufficient. And water from condensation from water pipes is enough to keep a cat going for weeks. To get some kind of idea where the cat is, you can sprinkle baby...
Thought of another tip. Cats eyes reflect the light, that is, if you shine a flashlight on them, you'll see their eyes. You could go around at night (or perhaps the time you'd normally feed your cat) with a flashlight and shine the light behind bushes, small enclosures, etc. Remember that if a cat can fit his head into an opening, he can fit his entire body.
Yeah, I'd cringe too. I hope the breeder's helper was qualified to give shots--don't know the law where you [or I] live. Did you get the proper/legal paperwork showing your cat had been lawfully vaccinated? With the lot number, specific type, brand name, expiration date? You'll need it if animal control ever comes knocking on your door asking for proof of rabies vaccination, or if you ever have to board your cat or if your cat was bitten (by any animal).
A quick search on Petco revealed pH strips only for aquariums. I believe you can get them at any grocery store/pharmacy. Diabetics use them. You can also get them from Amazon.
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