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I agree with norachan. If the cats are well fed, if there is sufficient food, the established members of the colony are more likely to accept the new cat, especially if she he is submissive.
Ritz has no problems with pork, but she doesn't have a problem with any food--except no food😃 i wonder if your cats are reacting to different non meat, organs. For example, does one have pea and the other corn? Just a thought.
I use to live in a condo with lots of bylaws, most of which were ignored. That said: My balcony was on the top floor of a three story building. The balcony had vertical, narrow metal railing (for lack of better description), and there was a very narrow horizontal top flat surface. Ritz conceiveably could have squeezed her head in between the metal metal railing. I and a friend put up what was essentially deer netting along the entire metal poles. But we remained...
Thanks. Hercules is all male; I just wasn't use to an affectionate cat!
Sometimes it's the texture of the commercial raw rather than the flavor; at least, that was the case with Ritz.
I'm glad you're going to do more research before beginning to feed raw. I'm not sure what you mean by "nuggets". Dry food is (duh!) hard, but cats tend to swallow hole dry food, so "chewing" dry food doesn't really help with teeth. In my opinion, it is a really a matter of personal preference whether you feed prey model raw or commercial raw and whether your cat will recognize commercial raw or prey model raw as, well, food. Some people like the security of feeding...
Some kitties love love cat grass--and then promptly throw it up. Ritz is like that. So I limit the amount/time she has access to cat grass. Ritz is a strictly indoor cat, so I buy the cat grass at the local pet food store. Now that spring is here, I will grow it in pots. I will use organic soil and organic seeds. Which leads me to my question/concern: I think it is okay for a cat to eat cat grass as a treat, but make 110% sure there have been no chemicals / fertilizer...
Welcome to The Cat Site. Glad you're taking him to the vets (hope it's sooner rather than later). We are not experts in the medical sense (I don't wear a white coat or play a doctor on tv). My first thought is that he has injured himself somewhere along the spine or is developing arthritis, though the urination is puzzling, concerning, especially given it's a repeat performance. Do you have fleas yet where you live? If he is developing/has a joint/cartiledge problem, you...
Thanks for the update. What a good detective you are!
Welcome to The Cat Site, and sorry it's under these conditions. Three quick questions: has he had a complete medical workup? And, is he neutered. And finally what kind of cleaning agent are you using after your cat urinates on inappropriate stuff? Really must be an enyzyme cleaner like Nature's Miracle or Furry Paws. Meanwhile, here is an article that covers litter box issues. And for the definitive book on litter box issues, here is a book (57 pages) on the subject
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