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If this is unusual behavior (can't tell from your email), your cat *might* be ill. They can't say, "take me to the vets"; they can only act out. Definitely read up about body language. I have found that I need to read all of Ritz' body language, not just, for example, her tail. When I pet her, I stop several times just to be sure; if she leans in to me, has a sweet expression on her face, then I continue. And, I never position my body so that it would make it hard for...
I agree with Joleca: time to find at least a more open minded vet. I think the bird or fancy feast is the culprit. (And if/when your current vet shows you documentation, check to see who wrote/published/funded the documentation/study. Could be Purina, Hills, etc.)
Cats need more than meat and bone; they need the appropriate amount (partly based on their ideal weight) of liver and a secreting organ like kidney. Chicken fat is, well, fatty; and I'm guessing the bone in the chicken breast would be too much unless your cat is HUGE. Check out some of the many, wonderful articles on this forum for some more information.
Thank you. I visited the room where he lived (and the other FeLK+ cats). Lillian (around six months old) came over and sat on my lap the entire time I was there, even when I moved from the bench down to the floor. Still sad; the room is empty without him. Lillian's brother (also FeLK+) died about two weeks ago from FIP. Perhaps there is now space for another Tommy Boy.
I routinely buy meat at the local grocery store, in the "clearance" section, often at 30 to 50% off list price. Ritz doesn't know the difference. I also don't worry about 'organic' unless of course it is 50% off. Then I might splurge. Second the idea about BARF--look under dog sites for this. It is more common for dogs than cats. When the local farmers market is open (April through end of December) I sometimes buy "unusual" organs from one of the vendors; he is use to...
ANY change in food--even if within the same brand/flavor, if it is marked "new and improved"? That's the usual culprit.
Good, no seasoning. Yes, the community colony cats need all the fat I can give them, but they don't recognize raw food as well, food.
I do believe spirits of animals visit us just as spirits of people. So last night in bed while saying my prayers, I 'talked' to him, telling him I love him, hope he's having fun Over the Rainbow Bridge. Giving him a psychic kiss. I plan to go over to where he lived (at the cat sanctuary, Rude Ranch, in the FeLK+ room) this weekend and Just. Sit. I do not know where/if he is buried on the property; some cats are, some aren't. And will donate some money in his...
Several members whose cats are FIV+ feed raw. I think if you take the necessary precautions, you'll be okay. I would give your cats probiotics. Are they also getting l-lysine?
I personally wouldn't feed Ritz rotisserie chicken or Thanksgiving turkey without first removing the skin--in part because Ritz doesn't need the extra fat, in large part because the skin is likely to contain most of the seasonings, some of which are toxic to cats (garlic). I did feed the community colony cats cooked turkey, without the skin. And gave Ritz the raw 'innards' of the turkey. She wanted to lick the bag they came in.....
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