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I'm over concerned about him not eating and sneezing, not so much about possible salmonella. Perhaps overly paranoid, but if he won't eat baby food, emergency vet. Certainly your regular vet Monday ( show up without an appointment if you have to).
Regarding food, I would read labels. Look for the fewest ingredients, one with "limited ingredients" and or grain free. They are more expensive, but cheaper than a vet visit. I really do think she needs to see a vet to rule out more serious conditions, illnesses. FHS isn't life threatening generally, but distress for the cat and owner. Note too if her symptoms escalate, under what conditions. And if she starts to self mutilate (bites tail).
Yes, normal for cats in a new environment. The first day I adopted Ritz, my first cat ever, she stayed under the sofa all day. I even fed her there. Ditto when Ritz and I had to stay with my twin sister for several days and nights--no power, temperature near 100. She stayed under the sofa for 24 hours.
Sorry LuLu isn't feeling her normal self. RItz has FHS. Here is a brief article about FHS. Here is an ongoing thread (among others) . (When I mentioned a vagus nerve problem to my vet he said, that that was the last thing he would think of....) This thread is a little older, but makes the excellent point that you should take LuLu to the vet to rule out anything else. What flea medicine did you use on LuLu? And ANY possibility she got into something outside she...
Personally, I'd love to know from Schiffs why they add either. I wouldn't give Ritz krill oil that contained sorbitol (a sugar) or vanillan (vanilla). From what I understand/read, cats don't have a sweet tooth; that is, they can't really metabolize sugar (which is a carbohydrate). Cats are drawn to ice cream and yogurt because they contain relatively high amounts of protein and fat content. That said, the amounts may be insignificant. Also, if Boo liked/hated that brand...
I've thought of doing this for when I'm away for 11 hours at work. Ritz tends to throw up if she hasn't had any food for longer than 10 hours (acid ingestion). I haven't tried it yet, but thanks for giving me a push. This and this might fit in the ball. I also like Bravo Buffalo bites, they are more uniform in size than PureBites and a protein Ritz rarely gets othewwise. I have found that the only difference within the same brand/product between freeze dried treats for...
Welcome to The Cat Site, and congratulations on your new 'child'. Yes, it's pretty normal for cats not to poop/pee for a few days when they are in a radically different environment. Any change in food can also be reflected in the litter box (including diarrhea). I'd give it another day or two and if no poop/pee, then I would call the vet. Especially if she starts to sneeze or stops eating.
At 12 years of age, he is considered 'senior'--and this is the time some cats develop senior like problems. A simple, releatively inexpensive blood test will tell you a lot. And if thyroid, the treatment is usually a pill a day. One sometimes key factor to whether it is a UTI is the amount of urine. For example, when Ritz had a UTI, she peed in the litter box but only very small, tiny amounts. Good luck, and do keep us posted.
First, welcome to The Cat Site, though sorry it's under these circumstances. The fact that he has lost weight and began peeing on everything are, to me, two red flags. You're right to be concerned; you're right in that he is trying to tell you something is wrong. If he were just peeing inappropriately, I'd chalk it up to a behavioral issue (after of course ruling out a UTI). But you said he is noticeably thinner: that could be anything from cancer to kidney problem to...
I don't use premixes (I fed prey model raw), but from your description, I think sprinkling premixes on top of your raw food is fine. Just make sure (double check) that you're using the correct amount. Do you have really tiny teaspoons, like these? The comments section will tell you what exactly a "dash" is. FWIW: I do sprinkle probiotics and l-theanine (and sometimes egg yolk lechitin) on raw food and Ritz is fine with that.
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