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First, thank you for your work with rescued cats. I don't have any personal experience with FIV cats, although the cat sanctuary where I volunteer has one room just for FIV cats (and one for just FeLK cats). But here's hoping @LDG will see this post; she has a lot of experience with FIV cats.
I haven't noticed any sensitivities related to the protein itself. Ritz has a problem with acid buildup because I am gone for 11 hours during the day. She is less likely to throw up when I feed her a white/mild meat those days. Sometimes the cat is not sensitive to the protein per se; rather the cat is sensitive to what the protein (chicken, beef, etc) is fed. Also a cat's stomach is quite different than humans; they have a higher tolerance to certain bacteria. One...
My friend who rescued Ritz and is an acupuncturist said acupuncture helps cats with the grieving process. Medication and consulting with an animal communicator might also help you and the cat with a grieving process. Not saying your cat is at that point, but just FYI for other lurkers/readers.
Fantastic update. Thanks.
Thanks. A quick google search indicates it's not readily accessible (unless it is on a commuter line--Port Washington). But love that they are a full service animal shelter. There are a fair number of low cost s/n clinics but not discount sick pet care. I'm going with my twin sister on a tour (celebrating her birthday early--big 6 0). The hotel is in Secaucus. We have some free time, mainly Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning. I'd like to take in a Broadway (or...
I will be visiting New York City in early October for a few days. Does anyone know of an animal shelter/sanctuary in NYC (subway accessible) that I could visit to get my kitty fix? Some animal shelters require training before being able to simply sit with the cats, and while I can certainly understand why, time doesn't permit that. Also, anyone know of any established community colonies that I might be able to help fee or observe the caretaker(s). Or ongoing TNR...
Thank you for rescuing this kitten and sorry you're having so much trouble. Are both cats spay/neutered? Any idea how old the kitten is? If not, can they be? (I don't know where you live.) If so, you might start all over again with the introductions. Here is an article about doing this.
An egg. After four months of incredible stomach pain, mostly bloat, and being on a medically supervised, very restrictive, food plan (FOD MAP--no gluten, no lactose, no legumes including peanuts, limited vegetables, no fruit, no fun), I finally have a diagnosis: h. pylori. On antibiotics. While I do like my own home-made, lactose free yogurt (if I do say so myself!), I am looking forward to eating some greek yogurt.
A large tom cat, especially if your cat is female and not spayed. Or two tom cats fighting over a female cat. Doubtful but possibly a racoon. Racoons are known vectors for rabies. Anything bigger than a racoon would, I think, mean significant injury or death (life a fox or wolf). Where do you live, i.e., rural, city? How is your cat reacting? I would be very afraid of infection.
I can only speak from a third person experience. Both cases involve dogs (one small, one medium), not cats, and both were planned for a while (kidney failure). I don't know if dogs/cats make a difference. My twin sister did an at-home euthanasia. She called around looking for a vet who would do this, and found one. If I recall correctly, two people came to Becky's house. It went well. I do believe there were two shots involved. My friend (who rescued Ritz) took her...
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