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Were I ever to give Ritz whole prey (and, I've thought about it several times), I'd first buy a package at the local big box chain pet store, like PetCo or PetSmart. The whole prey companies I'm familiar with require a minimum order; you'd have to buy a lot of whole prey or mix and match prey model raw/ground. If your cat didn't like it, you may be stuck with a lot of raw meat. (I fed a small community cat colony. Only one cat will eat raw and I don't see that cat often.)
I think it's okay to trap during the winter, as long as the weather is nice (albeit cold) and there isn't any snow on the ground. You'd obviously have to check the traps constantly. Also, cover the trap with a heavy, dark colored blanket, including the part that is open (until the trap is sprung). The excess blanket will cover the formerly opened trap. (I hope my explanation makes sense.) And may have to change the bait; it will freeze fairly quickly. My biggest...
Maybe cut it in half the first time and see ?
Thanks! Currently I'm using an enzyme cleaner and some carpet cleaner the professional carpet cleaning company left behind. Not working well.
No idea, but would LOVE to see a picture !
Welcome to The Cat Site and the raw side There are several threads about feeding kittens raw food; here is one. There are also many articles and links about feeding raw, including whole prey, at the top of the Raw & Home-Cooked Cat Food forum. Sources of whole prey include Hare Today and My Pet Carnivore. You can also look into sites that are geared towards snakes; they eat whole prey. May I suggest you start out with something simplier: commercial raw. Among the...
Does anyone have a recommendation for a carpet cleaner? Ritz throws up and the carpet is now two tone color buff. Thanks.
I vote for one to the woods. Also try to arrange it so your colony sees what and where you are doing. And somewhat hidden from humans. Not all humans like the feeding of cats. The first location of my cat shelter was too visible, it gone thrown away in the dumpster. I retrieved it and hid it behind some thorny bushes up a steep hill. This was my first time using a cat shelter and the cats found it right away. If your cat's come down a certain path to get to the dumpster,...
I have heard of something called teeth absorption, you might Google that. (I am typing on my kindle and can't do both at same time.) I would also consider going to a feline vet specialist. And I agree with cat woman, a toothless cat in and of itself isn't bad, but I would want to know why he is toothless.
I'm on a tablet, computer in shop, so briefly and excuse typos. Leave food done for 15 to 30 minutes then pick up. No more food til next timed meal. I am not familiar with some of the brands you mention. Primal is pretty good, not sure if it one of the brands that has a relatively high bone content (watch consistency of poop). Do weigh the nuggets if you have a scale. I have found in one commercial raw product that the sizes vary. Fortiflora is kitty crack, but has its...
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