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A compromise might be to build a winter shelter, flush up against your house (warmer that way). You can build elaborate ones or a simple plastic container lined with styrofoam and straw [not hay]. The type of shelter also depends on how handy you are with a hammer and whether you have access to electricity. There are several winter shelter...
Welcome to The Cat Site! I fed prey model raw so can't help you with your receipe. But regarding how to get your cat interested in quail: mix a tiny bit of the quail mixture into the turkey mixture; increase the proportion as (hopefully!) your kitty decides to like the quail. How did you transition your kitten to raw? Maybe follow the same protocol.
Just a note: probiotics should be given at least two hours before or after antibiotics or the probiotics will counteract the antibiotics.
L-lysine might be more appropriate especially if the URI is feline herpes. L-lysine boosts the immune system in general; as I understand it, probiotics are more helpful for digestive issues. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong: I give Ritz probiotics mainly for her digestive issues and would love if it also boosted her immune system. Here is a thread about l-lysine, among many others threads.
The gestation period for cats is around 66 days, or 9.5 weeks. That's cutting it awfully close. (Off topic perhaps but I need to ask: why is the (irresponsible?) breeder breeding so frequently--awfully hard on the mother cat.) I'd call the breeder--maybe there is a typo/mistake on the website.
I had a similar problem with the property manager of the condo complex where I use to live, though he was at least willing to listen. And it is illegal to shoot cats in Maryland. FWIW: the property manager was from Africa. He said he would pay for the neutering/spaying of the cats if I then removed them from the condo area. I said I wasn't willing to do that, and informed him about the vacuum effect. As has been pointed out, for every one feral/stray cat you see, there...
As you admitted the best carbohydrate is None. However to answer your question: I'm thinking rice, because for cats wh are having a LOT of digestive problems, a short-term diet is boiled chicken and rice. If constipation is a problem, you might add a tiny bit of oat bran or cooked sweet potato/pumpkin. When I first think of carbohydrate of course potatoes or pasta come to mind. But carbohydrates are also found in fruits and vegetables. Just something to keep in mind. Oh...
You can also use ribbons, the kind you can buy in any craft store, to tell the kittens apart. Tie the ribbon around the neck. There is a big craze at least in the USA involving colored rubber bands and weaving, you might also try them if they aren't too small/big.
Welcome to The Cat Site. I'm glad you're taking your cat to the vet--always better safe than sorry, and worrying. This is a really really stupid remark because I'm not that familiar with where the ribcage is in a cat but: maybe it's a nipple? Ritz is spayed, never pregnant, and I can still feel her nipples sometimes (she likes belly rubs). And I know a lot of bumps are just bumps, nothing to worry about. Meanwhile: vibes and prayers. Let us know what the vet says.
Welcome to The Cat Site. Sorry it's under these conditions. I'm guessing here because I'm not a vet: he had an exciting day and is tired. AND... he may be smelling the chemicals in the defogger. Cats can smell much much better than us humans. If you have fans, run them; if possible, open all windows. Also, you wrote that you took him to the groomer: did the grommer give him a flea treatment and if so, what kind of treatment. Be specific: over the counter defleaers...
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