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Welcome to The Cat Site, sorry it's under these conditions. I am just learning about integration so don't have much experience, advice, but my one idea is to play with them probably right after they eat to tire them out and get them to release any aggression. You can try playing with them together, or separately.
First I would spay Hope as soon as possible, or she will become pregnant soon. Other cats (not Hope) could be beating up on Maisy. Any way you can keep them indoors for a while, at least until the wounds have healed. I would take Maisy to the vet; cat bites are full of germs and wounds can easily become infected.
Welcome to The Cat Site. I am going through for the second time integration of one male cat, Hercules, to the resident female cat, Ritz. I found Jackson Galaxy's how to helpful as well as TCS's article. I think this is just a set back. I would keep them separated for a while, kind of going back to square one. I would do scent swapping too. Good luck!
I fed prey model raw and rarely supplement. About once or twice a week I give Ritz 1/2 egg (freeze the other half). Of course I also feed liver, kidney and bone. I have in the past given her some krill oil for Omega 3 (human brand); there might be non-fish supplements that have Omega 3. This one appears to be non-fish. What supplements were you thinking about?
Yes, this animal practice is known for being expensive and I was somewhat afraid that the charge would be in excess of "reasonable and customary".
Welcome to The Cat Site, sorry it's under these conditions. I believe some 'rearrangement' is normal post spay--but I'd be worried if I noticed it 4 to 5 months post spaying. I would call the vet, just to be sure and for peace of mind.
Welcome to The Cat Site. I would first just pet his paws, kind of play with his fingers/claws. That way you can maybe determine how sensitive your cat's paws are. I know of one cat who had no problem with me cutting his nails, but Ritz hates it, and I only do it when she is asleep. Once you get an idea how sensitive they are which in turn will help you how many nails at a time can you clip before Kitty grows impatient!, then go ahead and try clipping one or two nails and...
You feed your cat the best food you can afford and that suits your lifestyle. That is all us humans or more importantly Cats can (should) ask of us. I fed prey model raw in part because I can find chicken and beef on sale at any grocery store, but some of the higher end brands only at PetCo/PetSmart, which don't open at 6 a.m. (why oh why ?) And because I have the time (I live alone, no responsibilities) and interest in raw feeding; not everyone can. I am currently...
That's a hard decision to make. Who have you reached out to for financial help/trapping help with these cats? Where do you live (county/state)? I have to (want to) believe there is a very low cost/free spay neuter clinic in your area. I know some county governments give free vouchers to pet owners to get their cats/dogs spayed/neutered . Also, check the websites of low cost/non profit s/n clinics. They can apply for (and receive) grants from various companies...
I am introducing Ritz (female, around 5.5 years old) to another cat for the second time (male, I think a year younger than Ritz.) Ritz never adjusted to the first cat who I was fostering. I don't think there is such a thing as too slow of an introduction; introductions can certainly be done too quickly. As I've read on this site and in articles, ignore the advice that tell you specific times/days for introduction. The author didn't interview cats for their opinion--take...
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