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The only thing I would add is: do be sensitive to the type of litter you use/buy. Some are 'softer' than others. And do keep in mind that cats hide pain; if you cat shows an increase in aggressive type behavior, it may be a sign of pain. Good luck.
Welcome to The Cat Site. I may be in a somewhat similar position with a similar "only child". Jackson Galaxy has some good information about introducing a cat to another cat. And here is an article on TCS. When the time comes, you might want to read this article about choosing a second cat. In my case, it is a super friendly, stray cat that I take care of, so I've already chosen him/he has chosen me. Also, do get Feliway and consider Jackson Galaxy Spirit Essence; they...
I'm glad you finally have a diagnosis. Continued vibes for you and kitty. Remember, you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others. (Lecture over)
I take care of a small community cat colony near Washington, DC; it use to be much bigger but since I moved and food is less, there are less cats coming around. Some of the ferals disappear for a day or two; one cat (definitely not feral) disappeared for two weeks. Kimba and Sandy disappeared forever. If the area is heavily trafficed, then I think injury is a possibility. The cat will drag himself to a relatively safe place to hide (behind bushes) and perhaps to die. If...
I personally would not give it to my cat. If it is this brand, sugar and salt are number 2 and 3 on the list. I'd be concerned about those ingredients (as well as garlic and onion). There are 100% freeze dried treats, including Bonito flakes and salmon treats. I give (too many ) freeze dried treats to Ritz, meat based. I avoid fish with her because she has a history of UTIs.
Update re: Hercules. I did contact Ellen and she got a strong 'hit' that he was "around" and has in fact three homes he visits. She called him a "roaming Romeo", which actually describes him. He 'sucks' up to you. Hercules was at the dumpster location Sunday morning (different location than usual) and was quite happy to see me, and vice versa. Hungry, and lots of head butts and climbed on my lap. (Ritz smelled him and would not sit on my lap until I changed pants.) I...
Welcome to The Cat Site. She may also have developed a hormonal imbalance. I know in humans the doctor can test blood to see if it has X amount of hormones (i.e., to see if you are pre menopausal). Maybe there is a similar test in female cats?
Wet food is generally more filling, less calories, than dry food. Maybe reduce the dry food and add another can of wet food. Not sure about the pee problem. Good luck!
Sorry Spot is missing. Vibes that he shows up. I haven't seen my favorite stray cat, Hercules, for over two weeks. I'm hoping, praying it's because the time I've been at the colony has been off (30 minutes from where I live). But my fear is this: I took him inside for a day (to see if he was microchipped; tested for FIV/FELK and given a rabies shot), and I did hear him sneeze once or twice. So maybe he caught a cold or had an adverse reaction to the rabies shot? (He...
Thanks for the update. Sometimes I wonder if the pets who chose us know something we don't know, if they are trying to teach us a Life Lesson that we wouldn't otherwise learn.
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