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You'll need to take the cat to the vets to get a base line urine test.
I believe you should add the probiotic at every meal, I would not add it to what you make up and freeze. I simple break open one capsule and sprinkle the powder on Ritz' food. I've used different brands, and she's never not liked it.
I don't follow HT's prices regularly, but do access their site to check on sales/specials. I know the price of beef has risen across the board (i.e, grocery stores).
Thanks. I think I'm using the Internet Explorer browser. Right now (3:30 am EST) my keyboard is working fine. I deleted then re-added The Cat Site forum to Compatibility (?) View. Maybe that will fix it.
Like them all! Ritz is a rescue, some say she has Siamese like eyes. Another name for my 'breed' of cat: "Loved".
He could not be eating because he is depressed, mourning the loss of his former owner. How long has it been between the time your friend died and you picked him up from the shelter? Here is a recent article about cats and mourning. And I agree: right now the important thing is to get him to eat anything, though I vote for baby food--it has water.
I feed my small cat colony Friskies Pate and Fancy Feast. They love FF! The only food Ritz would eat before I transitioned her to raw was Fancy Feast Classic Seafood. This after liking some of the higher end foods, such as Wellness and Soulistic.
Yes, thank you so much for taking care of this kitty. At the cat sanctuary where I volunteer, a cat had burns on its fur/skin, at least, that's the best guess of the vets and other knowledgeable cat owners. One volunteer spent several hours every Saturday massaging the cat with olive oil. I don't know how that would interfere with Kitty cleaning herself. Otherwise, yes, I would watch for any other signs of illness (who knows *what* the abusers fed her) and take her to the...
Oh, don't beat yourself up: you did the best you could with the knowledge you had at the time. That's all we ever can do.
My problem with bone in meat is two fold: I tend to cut the meat.... and somehow my finger gets in the way! And I have some wrist/shoulder problems that get aggravated when I cut too much. A really important tool is a really sharp pair of scissors and/or knife. I found a Wusthof brand cutting shears and knife at estate sales. I also find it easier to get more meat off bone if the meat is still somewhat frozen. Wow @sophe1 that's some expensive meat where you live. ...
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