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I would give Ritz a huge bowl of raw rabbit, venison, beef, quail, as much as she wanted to eat. Maybe some people food, like deli meat. And I'd let her lick the bowl of my cooked oat bran cereal. (She likes carbs since she gets almost none; I fed prey model raw. My twin sister scheduled a week off before she euthanized her beloved dog, Lovey Dovey (kidney failure). She spent loads of time with her, took Lovey Dovey for walks around her favorite places, and fed her...
My friend trapped Ritz and her litter mates on December 26. I'd never been around cats before and felt 'obligated' to help my friend socialize them (she had the experience and room). Best. Christmas. Present. Ever.
BTW, I had the same idea on Ritz' first anniversary of when I adopted her (she and her litter mates were dumped/abandoned so unknown birthday). So I thought and thought about it, and ended up getting her some special cooked plain shrimp. This was when she was addicted to fishand would only eat Fancy Feast Classic seafood. I presented the fish to her on a special dish. Probably sung "Happy Gotcha Day." She definitely thought I was crazy. She didn't touch the food ....
I can give you my opinion on your later question.Cats don't need vegetables or fruits in their diet. They are carbohydrates, and cats can't really digest carbs very well.You can certainly throw him a bone , make sure it's small, like the smallest part of a chicken wing, once or twice a week to start. And under no circumstances should the bone be cooked.There are some excellent articles/links in the Raw & Home Cooked forum you can/should read in the interim.
First, I try the conventional way: I take Ritz to her regular vet for medical issues. Ritz hasn't had any long term illnesses, except a pre-disposition to stress-induced UTIs and FHS. But I've also considered non-traditional remedies, which, depending on your definition of "non-traditional" (and comfort level) include: accupunture (calmed Ritz down considerably but no lasting effect), chiropractor, animal behaviorist (wonderful experience), holistic vet, (I keep...
We like good updates too!
If he is on a raw diet, the chicken and liver sounds okay, perhaps with a sardine packed in water no salt added. If not, I wouldn't feed him liver. Maybe lightly broiled (no seasoning, no bone!) Chicken. Or a high end canned cat food with similar ingredients to what your normally feed.
I'm over concerned about him not eating and sneezing, not so much about possible salmonella. Perhaps overly paranoid, but if he won't eat baby food, emergency vet. Certainly your regular vet Monday ( show up without an appointment if you have to).
Regarding food, I would read labels. Look for the fewest ingredients, one with "limited ingredients" and or grain free. They are more expensive, but cheaper than a vet visit. I really do think she needs to see a vet to rule out more serious conditions, illnesses. FHS isn't life threatening generally, but distress for the cat and owner. Note too if her symptoms escalate, under what conditions. And if she starts to self mutilate (bites tail).
Yes, normal for cats in a new environment. The first day I adopted Ritz, my first cat ever, she stayed under the sofa all day. I even fed her there. Ditto when Ritz and I had to stay with my twin sister for several days and nights--no power, temperature near 100. She stayed under the sofa for 24 hours.
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