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Before I switched to raw, I fed this to Ritz. She loved it. Note that they are a little low in fat and the gravy styles include tapioca starch which of course is a carbohydrate, though not a grain.
I just trapped (and got neutered) two feral, male cats. Both are old for ferals, one is eight and the other ten years old. The 8 year old weighed 10 pounds. The 10 year old one weighed 12.4 pounds.
New or old colony-I think it partly depends on if there is enough food to go around. Otherwise the established members will not welcome her, hiss, spit, etc. And even if food is not an issue, cat pack is correct, the mother cat may try to return. The number of weeks I have read is 2 weeks to keep a cat confined, but a cat I was helping socialize for nine months escaped and return to his colony nine months. (He was later retrapped and successfully adopted into a forever...
After three years of feeding raw I just bought a freezer for $50. I only have one car, so the small size is all I need. Remember too you don't have to learn everything all at once, the basics will get you started. As will TCS!
Ritz lost most of a claw due to a battle with a carton of eggs in a plastic bag, not nearly as bad as your cat's. I watched for signs of infection. And the claw grew back in about two weeks. I did keep the claw as a souvenir-and made sure to keep plastic bags away from inquiring minds,.
It's quite possible; a number of raw feeders also feed canned wet food for a variety of reasons. I think there is a thread that addresses this, though I can't find it of course! I would do the math for what amounts you would feed were you doing 100% raw, and then half it. If you do the calculations based on weekly (versus daily) total, that is fine--and won't drive you crazy! Alternatively, you could feed canned three days, raw three days, and half and half the seventh...
I did not use any of the transition techniques recommended. I jumped from Fancy feast classic to Primal. She ate it without hesitation. Switched back and for among commercial brands. Around this time other things were happening, including house related repairs. That combined with new food--and a cat who is by nature anxious, led I believe to urinary tract infection. The raw did cause the uti, I did. At least that's my opinion.
Ritz pees about once a day, sometimes twice a day. I've been feeding prey model raw (frakenprey) for almost three years. She was fixated on Fancy Feast Classic seafood before I transitioned her (a little too abruptly as it turned out). She is prone to stress induced UTIs, and continues to have minor problems. Now, if she doesn't pee in 36 to 48 hours, then I get worries. That's happened twice in the past two months--she peed and pooped just not in the litter box..... ...
Oh what good news! "legal ownership" depends upon the country/city/county you live in. Some cities/counties in the USA say, if you feed the cat, you own the cat, so you are responsible for care, etc., including potential law suits if the cat bit a neighbor. Some cities/counties have taken a more enlightened approach and either don't say one way or the other or say, you're not legal responsible. In some jurisdictions, it is illegal to let an unfixed cat roam outside--but...
Yes, I noticed that, wonder how long the sale lasts-- and I JUST GOT A FREEZER. Here is a thread I need to read again about rabbit fur and all.
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