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I agree, vet time immediately. Call the vets office first, stress the urgency of the matter. Keep us posted.
Welcome to The Cat Site. What else are you feeding your cats? Tuna is not a good food for cats; it has too much sodium and possibly heavy metals depending on where the tuna was caught. Occasionally as a treat it is okay but definitely not every day. May I suggest you feed them a piece of raw chicken instead.
Welcome to The Raw Side. Rad Cat is a good brand. And yes you should see improvements feeding 50/75% raw. For me personally, I found commercial raw too expensive. Some brands have too much fruits or vegetables (i.e., corn) and bone. And finally, I frankly didn't want to have to go to one more store/run one more errand. to buy commercial raw. So I have gone with prey model raw. I buy meat, kidney and liver at the local grocery stores when I do my regular shopping. I...
Welcome to The Cat Site. I'm sorry Bailey is having problems. How old is she. ibd.kitty might give you some information. Is a blockage the same as an obstructio?. Cisapride if anything can cause diarrhea, although every cat is different. But if she isn't eating much, then she won't be pooping much. http://www.petmd.com/pet-medication/cisapride I would want to know more about that "mysterious thing". X-ray? MRI? Finally, some liquid medications can be flavored with...
Most every animal has light and dark/red and white meat. Here is an article that talks about red/white meat. White meat is generally lower in fat than red/dark meat (i.e., chicken breast versus chicken thigh). Some animals have a lower fat content than other animals; rabbit is quite low in calories/fat, duck high. Note that cats require a higher percentage of fat in their diet than humans. I am for a variety of proteins, not so much white/red meat. Also, I mix up...
It does sound like Hercules has a caretaker, but I'm puzzled as to why he/she lets him out in the bitter cold. Sometimes Hercules act really hungry, sometimes he head buts me first. He loves his kibble. When he was in my 2nd bedroom, he did not seem to want outside. Initially I put Hercules in the laundry room in the cat carrier. Hercules meowed a lot and Ritz was puzzled as to where the sound was coming from. So I opened the door so Ritz could connect the dots. Ritz...
In my experience, Ritz grooms herself after I pet her. I don't know exactly why, except maybe to get my scent off of her. (I don't take it personally.. I think there are other signs if your cat is grooming herself excessive, like loss of fur.
Cats don't really have a sweet tooth; your cat may be drawn more towards fat and carbohydrate. So I wouldn't give him sweets. If you're concerned about Mr. T getting enough calories, do you add water to the puree? Maybe you could add an egg (calorically dense) and/or goat's milk or kitten milk replacement instead. (Cats are lactose intolerant, but some can handle goat milk.)
Any update. I don't have any insight, but offer vibes. The only thing I could think of: injury? inner ear infection (walking in circles)?
Super, what a great idea about the tag? I remember seeing them in Petco/PetSmart. Now all I have to do it get Hercules and then get it on him.
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