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Oh, good question, good point. Based on a quick Google search, there is a difference, at least structurally. And geese are usually bigger than ducks. But in so far as nutrition, again, good point: don't know. Which makes my buying duck at the international supermarket a more intriguing idea. After I buy an electric knife.
Forgive me, I haven't read your other posts but: how many litter boxes do you have?
I use L-theanine because Ritz is prone to stress-induced UTIs and has FHS (possibly a reaction to vaccinations or stress or ?) She was dumped when she was around 4 to 6 months old in frigid weather so has reason to be nervous and is in general a nervous cat. I was using a capsule, but figured if I bought it in bulk, it would be cheaper. And there wouldn't be the possibility of Ritz getting a hold of the capsule and eating it. The jar of L-theanine includes a small...
We know what you mean
Welcome to The Cat Site. From what I've read, cats are more likely to pee where they've urinated before. Which is why it is really really important to use an enzyme based cleaner like this one. The first time they pee outside the box, well, it could be anywhere, depending on the reason. Feliway is a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone that cats use to mark their territory as their own; it comforts the cat. You plug it where the cat stays the most (in my case,...
I have used duck (and free goose), it is very very fatty. My twin sister recently bought Ritz a treat, a part of a duck leg that she found in a main stream grocery store. It was incredibly tough to cut, all that skin and bone! I threw most of it away and diplomatically told my sister "thanks but no thanks". Unless there are medical reasons, I think you should rotate proteins, so I wouldn't use duck exclusively. Unless you plan on feeding, for example, one day only...
Thank you for taking care of this group. I'm sure they are glad you are their "executor"! I am fortunate in that I have a co-care taker; she feeds Tuesday and Thursday(dry food) and I feed Saturday and Sunday (wet and dry). If one of us is away, we cover the other person. The rest of the days the cats hunt (mainly birds and squireels) and dumpster dive (condo complex). There was/is one racoon. In your case, I assume you live in a residential area, i.e., no dumpsters. ...
Furmonster Mom has a good idea. I'm a raw feeder and I use an ice cube tray to freeze portions of liver/kidney. Each cube holds roughly one ounce and defrost quickly. And you can stack ice cube trays, or once frozen, dump them into a ziplock type of bag for future use.
I believe truly wild game should be frozen for a few days before feeding to kill parasites, just a caution.
I agree with vBall--kittens need fat. Can your kitten tolerate turkey? You can add krill oil, but probably not every day. Goat might be available in international supermarkets where you live. Know any hunters--venison, duck might be viable options.
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