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So sorry you're having problems. (problem with computer, so I'll make this short) I'd see if he would eat baby food (meat + broth only). Or see if he'd drink goat milk (you can get this at Whole Foods or similar store). if he refused both, I would take him to the E vet. I don't know much about diabetes, but it seems he is awfully young to be diabetic, maybe something else is going on with his pancreas? And the dramatic weight loss is really concerning. Good look;...
That sounds cute and adorable! Ritz (female, round 5 years old) doesn't follow me into the bathroom, but if I close the door, she waits outside, sometimes meowing. She does the same thing with my (twin) sister (who doesn't live with me). I think it's a curiosity action. BTW/TMI: once or twice she has smelled my human litter box and gets a pained expression on her face.
There are a lot of good articles at the top of this Forum. On kindle so can't link. I feed prey model raw. It can be expensive if you feed venison, or much more reasonable if you feed pork, chicken and or beef. I buy almost all my food at the grocery store, sometimes if I'm lucky at it's sell buy date at 30 to 50 percent off. You absolutely need to feed bone, liver and kidney or other secreting organ.
Thanks. Ritz is back to peeing and pooping normally after I switched out the litter boxes and thoroughly cleaned/aired out the shower stall. Hope it continues!
I agree with Ondine. You are the responsible person here, not your neighbor. There is saying: if you feed, do not let breed. I would set out humane traps on your property and spay/neuter the ones that you catch. Or ask your neighbor if she'd mind you putting traps on her property. If you tell us what county you live in, we can probably give you names of low cost spay/neuter clinics. Regarding getting the manager involved: it's tempting but could cause bad blood...
Welcome to The Cat Site, and thank you for taking care of the stray. Yes I think neutering him will certainly improve things, no guarantee that the two cats will be buddies, but the relationship should improve. He'll be healthier for it, too.
How about an appetite enhancement--I believe it is a shot of some sort. Or you could try putting 'toppers' on his food, like parmasean cheese or Bonito flakes. Amazon sells them pretty cheaply as do international supermarkets (used in Phillipino cooking a lot).
I'm so sorry Neyo and you are having problems. Antibiotics are known for causing upset stomachs and appetite problems. Sometimes cats purr to comfort themselves. I would call the vet and ask for an anti-nausea medication (or shot if you have to take him in to the vet) and appetite enhancement. If he doesn't eat, he is at risk for liver damage. Good luck and keep us posted.
Did the vet culture the urine to see if there are any crystals? I know you're in Thailand, I don't know if such tests are available/common/too costly. Also, I'm a little confused: does he pee normally during the day time; only drops early in the morning/evening? I would continue to monitor this situation very closely. Male cats can block and if this happens, it is a life threatening emergency. Regarding food, I would suggest wet food, maybe even adding some water to...
I'm sorry you're having trouble with your kitty. I would recommend a visit to your vet, first to make sure nothing medical is going on, and then, yes, to discuss anti-anxiety medication. Cats pick up on nervous energy, so try not to act anxious/fearful around your cat. Interestingly, Ritz (female) is also skittish and anxious (hard life when she was a kitten). She doesn't react to the sound of cats meowing, but has a strong negative reaction to babies/children crying. I...
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