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I am sorry if I gave you the wrong impression. I take off most of the meat and then weigh the bone. The appropriate amount varies with each cat; that is, is the poop too hard, too soft? There is a delightful thread I believe in raw feeding forum that discusses, with pictures, poop and consistency. :lol3:On kindle so can't search for it.
This seems about right, but I believe you start at a low dose, and consult with your vet. I give Ritz about .5 teaspoon a day, but I am not treating a sick cat, as you may be. Good luck.
Ritz (Female) pees standing up about 75% of the time, always has. I went through several types of boxes. Covered ones didn't work because the urine would seep through the cracks. I finally settled on a LARGE plastic container, about 17 to 19" high; she has to jump in to pee. (An opening at the side of the box didn't work, her urine would go out there too).
I can only tell you what my holistic vet recommended. As way of background, Ritz throws up about twice a week. It is possible (though personally I think unlikely) that she has IBS (acid reflux more like it) or some other immune-supressant illness. Vet advised strongly against vaccinating Ritz for distemper/cold. Additionally, Ritz' FHS symptoms seem to increase after being vaccinated. I am around a lot of cats (volunteer at a cat sanctuary and take care of a small...
I believe they have a different enough nutritional profile to count as a different protein. Note, however, that it may not different enough if you're dealing with a food allergy/sensitivity.
I am following this and the other thread closely; it encourages me. I am in a similar position, introducing a very friendly, affectionate, dumped cat (Hercules, male) to a reserved, easily stressed scaredy cat (Ritz) who has always been an only cat and loner. Roughly same age and both rescued from the streets. I understand it is very stressful for cats to live out on their own, which was Hercules' case before I removed him for the cat colony I take care of (Friday the...
She could be slightly constipated and/or her anal glands need expressing. What is her poop like?
Thank you for rescuing this cat. Ask away. I would first take her to the vets to get assessed medically. She most likely has worms but you have to be careful about what meds to give a pregnant cat--hence, the vet. And make sure she is healthy enough to give birth. (I literally found an injured cat on the streets who turned out to be about four weeks pregnant. Unfortunately her injuries were so severe that she would not be able to carry the kittens to term.) If she is...
Thanks for asking. Her FHS episodes have increased recently (as has her hunger), perhaps due to Hercules (new foster/adopting?). I will run this by the holistic vet I'm using for Ritz. Ritz needs to return to the vet for further testing on her thryoid level. And, Jackson Galaxy's Stress Buster isn't working. We were waiting to see if the Stress Buster was working before changing meds for FHS. Interestingly, she does most of her frantic licking after she eats.
Yes, chances are he is lovey dovey because he is in 'heat' and not neutered. He might also start spraying (not a pleasant smell). This is kitten making season, so I would recommend trapping the cat and getting him fixed as soon as possible.
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