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Thanks for asking. Her FHS episodes have increased recently (as has her hunger), perhaps due to Hercules (new foster/adopting?). I will run this by the holistic vet I'm using for Ritz. Ritz needs to return to the vet for further testing on her thryoid level. And, Jackson Galaxy's Stress Buster isn't working. We were waiting to see if the Stress Buster was working before changing meds for FHS. Interestingly, she does most of her frantic licking after she eats.
Yes, chances are he is lovey dovey because he is in 'heat' and not neutered. He might also start spraying (not a pleasant smell). This is kitten making season, so I would recommend trapping the cat and getting him fixed as soon as possible.
Ritz on the other hand has totally ignored all blankets and pet beds, though she looked adorable in a pink pet bed with a bow Hercules is strangely timid; I expected more self-confidence given how affectionate/trusting he is of me/humans. He wasn't thrilled about being allowed to explore the main living room (while Ritz was behind closed doors). Took two passes, then went back to his safe room (cat room).
Update: Hercules likes the soft, pet type of blanket over the regular, loose weave blanket I use(d). After about ten minutes, he finally settled down on my lap to take a nap. Course *I* had to go to bed then cause I get up at 3 a.m. Progess... I have different sizes of pillows, will try a small one that has a nice saying, to the effect "I hope I'm the kind of human my cat needs/wants me to be."
More great ideas.... I have several type of blankets and lots of smelly jogging pants which I'll experiment with.
Thanks both of you for your hints. There is only a chair in the cat room, but I can bring in a foot stool which may do as a sofa. I have a long sofa in the living room. In a few days I plan on putting Ritz in the master bedroom and let Hercules explore the rest of the house. There is a long sofa in the living room which I can experiment with. I put a blanket in between my legs, thinking the unevenness was throwing him off. And also put a pillow next to my legs, to...
I recently removed Hercules (male, TNRd May 2012, roughly four years old) from the colony I take care of. He has always been inordinately affectionate, and given how frigid the temperatures were going to be/are, I thought, no cat deserves to be outside. He settled in pretty quickly, although stayed behind a chair most of the time. The second night he woke me up with a pittiful cry so I went in to see him. Well, he could not get enough lovin: all over me, scent...
Welcome to The Cat Site and The Raw Side That would drive me crazy! What I do is portion out the meat (in plastic containers), multiply the number of containers times how many ounces/grams of liver/kidney/bone is required per day, then get out that amount of kidney/bone/liver and cut into the number of containers that I have; I eyeball it. It is not necessary to do exact measurements every day/every meal; a week is fine. For sake of discussion: seven containers x .20...
I think it really depends on the cat. With one cat (Twiddledee) I fostered, he was more of a foot person. Ritz (female) , my resident cat always sleeps in between my legs (small bed), so when Tdee tried to get in between my legs I moved him to my feet and Ritz (female) took her place of honor. I just moved Hercules, a very friendly cat from my community cat colony, to my 2nd bedroom, with hopes of adopting him, depending on Ritz. I suspect he will be a lap person, and...
No, your children and you cannot 'catch' whatever is wrong with your kitty. Like the other posters said, I suspect it is some type of seizures. You might also try video taping an episode and show it to your vet.
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