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Maybe he doesn't need to eat as much food because raw food is much thoroughly available, nutrition wise, then canned or dry food. So is it a problem with the type of protein or amount of food? Or does he associate vomiting with the meat? You might try feeding him a bit of raw mixed with canned, kind of like re-educating/re-associating the raw food with upset stomach. What meat can you get: beef? pork? kangaroo? (Where do you live?) I'd try any meat / poultry that is...
First, you have to thoroughly clean (and maybe more than once) every area where she has peed/pooped. There are several articles about litter boxes--placement, how many, how to clean. Do you know what litter she was using and what kind of box? And how many litter boxes do you have? The normal ratio is: one litter box for every cat, plus one. Which makes three in your case I think. Good luck!
Don't really have much useful advice but the word Bleach jumped out at me: maybe she is particularly sensitive to that smell? OTOH, some cats *like* the smell of bleach. If there is a litter box she always avoid, perhaps getting a new one (you can get them cheap at the hardware store--look for a paint type of tray). But it could also be she associates messy, smelly stool and discomfort with the litter box. And yes the other cat doesn't help... Finally, there are several...
Prayers and vibes too. Hint for retrapping: add something different from what was in the first trap. I swear by catnip (I put it in the food and/or sprinkle it on the tuna fish oil leading from the door to beyond the trip switch).
A cat who does not groom itself may be sick: grooming is an instinctive behavior in cats. Grooming removes smells that predator can smell. Yes even if the cat is indoors. That lack of grooming combined by an unusual attack could be a sign that the cat is sick. Cats hide illness, sickness, which is perceived as weakness. I would ask your partner if he thinks a vet visit is indicated, or if he / you have noticed any other unusual behavior.
I'm glad you got a diagnosis. Vibes for your kitty and you.
Yes I think it is worth it, and sometimes required by law or the clinic.
I thought blood in urine was a sign of cystitis, more so than FLUTD, but maybe both? Ritz has never peed blood (only pooped) but did the litter box dance: do into litter box, squat, exit litter box. Go into litter box, squat, exit litter box. Ritz is prone to stress-induced UTIs, and has a diagnosis of FLUTD. I've been feeding prey model raw (with the necessary nutritionally complete, secreting and nonsecreting organs, and bone) for several years, so she gets enough...
First, thank you for taking care of Ferals. How feral is she? Ever owned before? If the cat is what I call semi-feral (formerly owned but dumped and reverted to ferality), I would recommend putting her in a large dog crate, with a litter box and water/food, all the normal stuff. But if truly feral (like a male I recently TNRd) it might be very difficult to get her back into a cat carrier/release trap. When doing so, you should wear heavy duty gloves and make sure the...
Ahh, poor Meeko. He doesn't look like he's enjoying life, liberty and pursuit of food right now. It could be food (or anything else). But could you try feeding Meeko the chicken and rice diet for a few days to eliminate allergens. (Boil chicken, set aside chicken, keeping broth. Cook rice in the broth. Cool somewhat. Feed chicken NO BONES and rice with a little broth. If the recent symtoms disappear, then it could very well be allergies. Good luck and keep us posted.
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