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I based my recommendation of using organic seeds on the recommendation of my niece, who is in the plant, nursery, landscaping business, and has three cats. I have bought cat seed in petco pet smart, and the containers are labeled organic, FWIW.
Don't forget cat grass. You can get seeds at some big boys home improvement stores or pet stores. Do look for organic seeds and soil with no added fertilizer. This is a plant your cat will eat, same recommendation for catnip.
The crystals for vaccinosis is called "Kali Bich"; the homeopathic crystals for appetite/hyperthyroid is called "Iodium". Ritz ate pork last night, to which she may be sensitive. She had several short (30 second) episodes of FHS (frantic licking, running).
I have never given Ritz glucosamine/chondroitin supplement(although I take it myself). But I should note if her FHS symptoms increase on the day I give her Krill oil. Interesting theory. If it is a matter of lack of humidity in the air, I wonder if a year-round humidifier would help/prove-disapprove that theory. In Ritz case, there is a clear (to me at least) correlation between when she gets vaccinated and flare up of her FHS symptoms--she gets vaccinated at her...
I think he needs to have a urine culture done, and I'd opt for one that would be the most detailed, to show what, if any, weird bacteria he might have picked up where he was born.
Freeze dried treats are the way to go, at least according to Ritz. See if you can buy chicken heads or chicken feet at your local farmer's market. Ritz loves chicken heads, did not know what to do with a chicken foot. I use to give Ritz freeze dried liver, which Ritz loved--but it made her poo really smelly. And, yes crickets, Ritz likes them okay. I put them in the bathtub so they don't get loose. I buy them at PetCo/PetSmart, about 11 cents each. But what Ritz...
I agree with GoHolistic. I believe (maybe incorrectly) that washing raw meat may introduce yet more bacteria. And I don't believe would get rid of all of the sodium. I'd ask around your neighbors, co-workers to see if they'd like some pork. I do not know if dogs can handle that level of sodium--know any raw feeders of dogs?
Pretty normal for cats to sleep after surgery, they are given some potent painkillers. How is his appetite? But if he is still sleeping a lot today (Wednesday), I'd call the vet.
If she had to fast before the procedure, maybe she's making up for the caloric deficit. Still if I were you I'd call the vets. As you may know, buprenorphine is an opiate, related to morphine--powerful stuff. Actually, one of the side effects is sleepyness. Oh, the first dental (cleaning) Ritz had the vet said she probably wouldn't want to eat much but as soon as Ritz exited the cat carrier, she headed to her food bowl. OTOH, this time around with yet another dental...
Yes, it seems every time I go into the kitchen, Ritz follows me--even if I'm simply washing my hands. If I were you (and I'm not, but this is what I would try): I'd look for a different wet food, with a different protein, and see how his poop is. I'd slowly transition him to wet food. This is a good article about how to transition from one food to another. I'd cut out the biskets (much harder than it sounds). You might try giving him instead a few treats of freeze...
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