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I'm sorry your cat is sick again. Do you mean anti-freeze: that's a poison! Has she had blood work done recently (thyroid?), and how old is she? I'd choose a no grain dry or wet food. Fancy Feast Classic is a pretty good brand; also check out Authority (PetSmart) brand.
Some pet food (canned and dry) have blueberries and cranberries in them, so I guess raspberries and blackberries are okay. If of course she starts having diarrhea, then I'd be concerned. I wonder if the action is sort of hunt and prey driven--does she like the 'game' or the taste more?
There some threads addressing this question. I personally occasionally supplement with Krill Oil, no name brand. I cut the capsule open and put it on her food. It smells, and the capsule is hard. I should see if Ritz would eat a sardine. Personally, I'd rather she eat the oil than it come in a capsule, but that's just me. She use to be 'addicted' to Fancy Feast Classic Seafood flavor, but I once gave her a piece of fish and she ignored it. This, a cat who does eat...
I agree about finding another vet, feline only while you're at it if possible. And I was going to mention Metacam but didn't want to scare even more.
I'm envious. I can get goat and frozen rabbit/quail, but nothing more exotic. A former colleague gave me some venison; I'm rotating it into Ritz' food occasionally. Want to make it last. My nephew hunts--without a lot of success, I'm afraid. He knows I fed Ritz raw, and would give me some if he caught anything.
Boar!!? Where do you get boar (do you live in the USA?) Ritz has had ground Buffalo (available only ground in the grocery store) and Llama (HareToday). Loved both of them, would probably like Boar.
I am sorry you're having even more problems. Alley Cat Allies' attorneys are: Will Gomaa, Esq., Associate Director, Law & Policy Liz Holtz, Esq., Staff Attorney http://www.alleycat.org/page.aspx?pid=246
Thank you for saving this kitty's life! If she is severly malnourished, her stomach will be bigger in proportion to the rest of her body, especially right after she eats. She might need more de-worming--and additional testing to make sure all parasites are identified.
Yes I always get nervous when Ritz isn't with me...vibes and prayers. Dental procedures are usually pretty straight forward.
Maybe you could crate the kitten for part of the day? Maybe when you're not home? The larger the crate the better. Bathroom is even better too. I can see where the vet might be coming from--sometimes if you don't use a muscle/tendon it becomes really stiff and sore, so you don't want to use it at all, making the problem worse.
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