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Oh, what a cutie! My furball:
My niece (a cat lover) takes care of Ritz when I go on vacation. I put one day's worth of food in a small tupperware type container. You're right, just as easy as feeding regular food. Petco/Petsmart sell whole mice (freezer section). You could buy one package and see how your cats like it.
With my vet, we agree to disagree. Though he can't not see Ritz' glossy coat. I get incredibly tongue-tied when questioned (not only about raw feeding but about anything really). So unless it's germaine, I don't mention to anyone that I feed raw. People use to look at me weird when I said that. Now I say when appropriate/needed (like at the farmer's market when I gleefully buy a pound of hearts and inquiry about availability of lamb offal): "For health and safety...
Sounds good. Yeah, some days Ritz can handle beef at night, other days, she throws it up. And Ritz too loves Tripe .... and goat, and rabbit, and pork, and chicken head. Didn't know what to do with a chicken foot, though. LOL
I suspect something or someone scared her. A lot. In which case, she'll need time to get over her scare. I wonder if she'd feel safer inside, at least for a while. Inside, you can use Feliway plug ins. When you say "she won't walk on the ground", is that literal? Where does she walk? Any pain associated with walking? Is she eating? You could put some Rescue Remedy (liquid) in her food; it calms some cats.
I can't answer your question about HT (but would love to know!). But I can tell you that the organs *may* be included in the quail you buy from the super market. The organs are so small that I'm not sure I could identify what is a kidney and what is a liver; and I doubt the manufacturer would spend the time/energy/money to remove the organs. I buy the jumbo quail from the international supermarket near where I live (though at a higher price than you pay For every two...
Welcome to the cat site! There are a number of articles in this forum, at the top of the page. One subgroup specifically talks about recipes. You can also feed commercial raw or prey model raw. These ways of feeding raw are addressed in some of the same articles. (Sorry I can't link, typing on my kindle). Regarding bone, first, if you feed commercial raw, like Rad Cat, bone is already included, no need to add more. And you should start out with small bones if feeding...
Some of us have gone to homemade cooked or raw for the reasons cited above. There is a lot of information in our subforum in nutrition.
I personally haven't had any experience with this, but here is a thread that talks about at least one. Hope this helps.
@]jennyranson[/@]s raises a good:nod: point that is applicable to all foods: read labels carefully. Ritz was a fish addict. When I was trying to wean her off of fish, I would buy a canned food that said Beef or chicken, only to discover when I got home and read the label more carefully that while beef may be the first ingredient listed, fish was next. This caution is particularly important if your cat has a true allergy, versus dislike or sensitivity, to, for example,...
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