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I'd wait a day or two. Though I wonder if something else is bothering him that would cause him to have decreased appetite and exhibit play agression. A new cat outside?
Actually they are rubber backed. But this is new behavior. The first rug she peed on had been in the bathroom for over two years, with no problems. The litter box and shower stall (and me) were the reason. The litter box is (always has been) in the shower stall. I take baths in another bathroom, which she doesn't go into. Although she will wait outside and sometimes paw at the door if a human is using the human litter box. Puzzling behavior.
I fed prey model raw, have for over three years. I'd be a little concerned, but not overly. Certainly his lack of appetite can be attributed to raw. But vomiting clear liquid (versus the food he just ate) is concerning--or him just trying to vomit a hairball. I'd try feeding him something you know he really loves; if he refuses this, then I'd call your vet. Is he playing/sleeping/peeing normally?
Update. *I* couldn't smell anything. I put out a newly treated rug and Ritz peed on it. I put out a brand new rug, and Ritz peed on it. As well as in her litter box. No more bath rugs for her or me. And I'm again cleaning the litter box. Ritz' urine smells bad; my vet said that happens when a cat doesn't pee often. I will continue to monitor her urine habits and take her to the vets if necessary. But for the peeing on the bathroom rug (which is in front of the human...
Ritz use to be addicted to Fancy Feast Classic, seafood flavor. Then I transitioned her to prey model raw. Now, she has no interest in my fish when I am eating it. Deli meat, now that's another story.... Also, FWIW: I buy (too many) dehydrated treats for Ritz. I make sure they are 100% meat/poultry; as long as they are, treats marketed to dogs are fine. Size is bigger, cost per ounce probably a little less. I avoid any kind of fish treat because Ritz is bone to UTIs...
Ear-tipping is a universal sign that the cat is part of a community/feral cat colony, has been neutered/spayed and has had a rabies vaccination (if/when required by law). When a local animal control officer comes around and trap cats (often after receiving complaints about yowling and spraying), they will try to avoid trapping a cat that has been ear-tipped. Had animal control gotten ahold of your cat prior to being neutered, you might not have seen him again. PS: when...
I agree. And frankly if he were owned, he was owned by people who don't care enough given that he is unneutered and are letting him roam. Thank you for taking care of him.
Oh that's weird but I suppose it's possible. I've TNRd about 35 cats, and only one had a wound (arm area). The only other explanation I can think of is: what type of fences, objects are around the area? Maybe they are pooping/peeing in/on a place that has nails. Also going through a wire fence might cause a wound. It's far fetched--but so is a male cat biting that area. The neck is more accessible. ANY possibility a inhumane human is doing it?
Yes, a cat's body can get too use to one particular flea treatment. I've also read/heard that fleas themselves have evolved so they can 'resist' flea treatments. (Not dis-similar to humans and antibiotics.) Can/have you tried Revolution?
A cat can certainly gain weight on raw food--even if you don't want them to (here's looking at you, Ritz!) What meats/protein can he tolerate? Lamb has a lot of fat on it, as does some of the more expensive cuts of beef. Chicken skin is more of the most calorically dense foods out there, so if he can tolerate bone, definitely use chicken wings as the source. Egg yolks are also high in fat. Be careful, however: too much fat can make the poop runny in predisposed cats.
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