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I agree that some cats like to chase one another, to play. That may be after they are fully use to one another. At this stage, Ritz chasing Dahalia (the kitten) while hissing/growling is a sign of frustration and dominance (I hope), not fun. Though to be fair, Ritz didn't like to play even as a kitten.
I don't have any advice; I am in need of some myself. But I am following this thread closely, and may need to lower my expectations from cuddle bugs to tolerance. (Both female, one eight months, one six years, very different personalities). For those new in the process, highly recommend a screen door. Keeps both cats safe but they can get use to the others' scent, appearance and size.
I was a nervous wreck too when Ritz was spayed six years ago. But the vets know what they are doing; it is a fairly routine operation for them, especially for male cats. And I got to really spoil Ritz that night. I recently rescued "Dahalia" from under a car. As soon as she was healthy enough, I got her spayed. She was full of energy almost immediately after her operation. Spaying cats also improves their overall health; for example, it reduces the risk of cancer. So...
Yes, one can be allergic to one cat but another. Dahalia being a kitten escapes sometimes from the master bedroom room for a brief time. Yesterday she walked into the kitchen, where Ritz was, and when Ritz was eating. Dahalia walked up to Ritz as if to sniff her, Ritz looked up, then kept right on eating Today I grabbed Dahalia before she could escape, Ritz came closer, Dahalia seemed a little afraid but then laid down in a submissive position, and Ritz kept on looking...
As soon as I read "we couldn't keep them [apart]" I knew introductions were way too soon. They are first time cat owners, so I believe they meant well. I feel sorry for Ritz; she's had her world turn upside down, right side up, and then upside down again. I have a screen door which I will put in place to begin the introduction process. The right thing to do is to take Dahalia back; the Next right thing to do, well, still trying to figure that one out.
She is being returned: Moo wants to play but Dahalia just hisses. (The owners said they couldn't keep them apart so I'm sure they were introduced to one another too soon.) AND it seems the wife may be allergic. So I am getting her back. I am going to try to see if Ritz and Dahalia could get along. Frankly I'm not optimistic but I want to try. I feel like I'm getting a second chance. I have a feeling I'll be posting a lot in the Behavior column. As an aside, Dahalia...
Welcome Back--to a fellow Marylander
Just an update and to close this Thread. Dahalia went to her Fur Ever home Sunday. Lovely couple, they wanted a playmate for their six month old male kitten, who they adopted from the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter ("BARCS"). The shelter personnel suggested getting Moo a playmate; he gets anxious if he doesn't have enough to do. Good fit. And they already sent me a picture. I'm happy for Dahalia; really really sad for me. I miss her a lot. She is everything...
I obtained a multi-cat Feliway product from my vet just as they came onto the market. Didn't help the situation, IMO.
Felhttp://www.amazon.com/Comfort-Zone-Feliway-Spray-Milliliters/dp/B003E71E24/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1439574667&sr=8-1&keywords=feliway+spray+for+catsiway spray might be cheaper on Amazon. A friend and I basically man-handled Ritz last Saturday so I could clip her claws, which were getting dangerously long. Four hours later, she was on my lap, on her back, asking for a belly rub.
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