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Wet food is a Good Thing....
Adorable. Ritz is also a rescue. She and her litter mates survived a 20 Inch snowstorm before being rescued by my friend.
Antibiotics and anesthesia can cause constipation. Now, the peeing thing: yes, the sudden shift to 100% indoor can be confusing her. You can try putting some dirt, leaves on top of the cat litter. And maybe using something like cat litter attract (available at most any pet store, maybe even your local grocery store). Also, if she isn't eating/drinking much, then she won't be peeing/pooping much. (As long as she eating something, you needn't worry about caloric intake. ...
The principal is the same whether you're feeding a dog or cat raw. You need to do some research, figuring out what amounts of protein/secreting, non-secreting organs, bones your animal(s) needs. Amounts of course differ. And what type of raw a dog might like may not be the type your cat likes (e.g., commercial raw that can mimic wet/canned food or whole prey). I would suggest you read any one of the stickies at the top of the Raw and Home-Cooked Cat Food for some...
Pleased that things are going well. NO cat likes stuff put on their belly, so don't take that personally If possible, I would play soft music; I'm told cats seem to like harp music but really any gentle, soft music is fine.
Thanks for the update. It must be a relief to finally have a diagnosis. Yes, would be easier to treat a bacteria than asthma. Good luck.
Funny, I was just thinking about this. The DC/Annapolis area may get some severe thunderstorms Tuesday. Ritz doesn't like thunderstorms. At. All. She hides under the sofa and is visibly scared. She doesn't seek me out (she's not that kind of cat). She'll eat reluctantly when it's thundering--and then throw it up. I think outdoor cats eventually get use to thunderstorms and seek out a relatively dry shelter.
Thank you. She does look serene there. And here.
Yeah, I was thinking that Ritz does a cat/cow a lot and a version of Down Dog.
I don't have any personal experience, but here is an article about traveling with cats and another one here that might help you. There are some threads that may help you. Here is another one. Do be careful about giving your cat drugs. Some have the opposite effect on a cat, i.e., instead of calming the cat, the cat becomes hyper. Good luck!
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