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What kind of food are you feeding him--what is the consistency of his poop? I ask because generally if the feces are hard enough (but, alas, not too hard/too soft), then the anal glands are expressed naturally via the pooping mechanism. It can be a delicate balance and frankly I'm not sure how to balance it (I fed prey model raw). Too much fat; too little fat; too much dry food; a slight allergy to the food can all disrupt the consistency of the poop to varying...
I've heard Aloe Vera and/or vitamin E is good. Get some solution/oil /gel and apply. But (and forgive me if this is too personal) sometimes the person has underlying health issues that delay healing.
Thanks. This type of stuff fascinates me--why cats (feral or otherwise) do what they do and who they do it with.
How far apart are the meals? Maybe acid ingestion.
I poured the hydrogen peroxide mixture over the carpet, after pouring Nature's Miracle a week or two prior. And letting it dry outside or garage. The first time this happened I let it dry outside in the hot weather/sun, and I think the heat 'set' the smell, in a bad way. But she did the same thing to the NEW (to me) bath rug.
Ritz had an encounter with a dozen eggs. In a plastic bag. Omelet anyone?
New sounds and smells can scare cats. Ritz is a skittish cat, but even after five years, she still gets spooked easily. Sorry you're not feeling well, but maybe the explanation will make you emotionally better
I'd wait a day or two. Though I wonder if something else is bothering him that would cause him to have decreased appetite and exhibit play agression. A new cat outside?
Actually they are rubber backed. But this is new behavior. The first rug she peed on had been in the bathroom for over two years, with no problems. The litter box and shower stall (and me) were the reason. The litter box is (always has been) in the shower stall. I take baths in another bathroom, which she doesn't go into. Although she will wait outside and sometimes paw at the door if a human is using the human litter box. Puzzling behavior.
I fed prey model raw, have for over three years. I'd be a little concerned, but not overly. Certainly his lack of appetite can be attributed to raw. But vomiting clear liquid (versus the food he just ate) is concerning--or him just trying to vomit a hairball. I'd try feeding him something you know he really loves; if he refuses this, then I'd call your vet. Is he playing/sleeping/peeing normally?
New Posts  All Forums: