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I think you should go with your gut, which is telling you that this lady has too many things going on in her life and she is not a suitable suit for this/these cats. Or she is just full of excuses and taking the passive aggressive way of changing her mind. The last thing a cat needs, especially a semi-feral/socialized cat, is to go into a somewhat chaotic house. Good luck in finding a home, been there.
Thank you for taking care of this cat colony. The way I figure it (and, this is only my opinion), at this time of year, outdoor cats need all the calories they can consume. So if they dumpster dive, that's okay--especially since I can only feed them three times a week. COOKED bones are a big no-no; throw them away or take them with you. Otherwise, I think any food is fair game--cats have a much better smeller than humans and can usually tell if a food is tainted.
I think she is smelling the inside of your nose. Ritz does that sometimes thought only long enough to ascertain whether the smell is interesting, food related Maybe that area has some other scents on it too.
I see where you're coming from. This is my thought perhaps from the "someone" side. I feed a community cat colony, two different locations, about 1/4 mile apart (apartment/condo buildings). I TNRd "Hercules" in May 2012. He usually hung out at the 1st location, but later moved to the 2nd location probably due to food issues. He is usually the only cat at the 2nd location. He is inordinately friendly for a stray/feral cat, always head butts me, I can pet him a lot. He...
Yes, it is purfectly acceptable to substitute beef for chicken (and, vice versa). They have slightly different nutritional profiles, but IMO not significant enough to matter. Some cats prefer the taste of chicken over beef.
Agree with Zonecat; depends on how much 'filler' is in the canned food. And by "filler", I mean carbohydrates which include blueberries, oatmeal, carrots, etc. When you go with Raw, in my experience, poop frequency and size will decrease significantly. I fed prey model raw and Ritz poops about three times a week. (If you cat is prone to constipation, I would go with the low end of bone percentage recommendation to start with.) And yeah you found an 'enlightened' vet.
Does she like cat nip? Maybe put cat nip on the places you want her to lay on.
I don't have any experience with hepatic lipidosis either. But here are my thoughts: regarding supplies, if a 'prescription' is needed for, for example, special foods, I believe the vet is required by law to give you the prescription and then you have your choice of where to buy it from. (Certainly, that is the case with humans and eye doctors.) Drs. FostersSmith has been around a good amount of time. I understand you need to feed a cat small amounts of food,...
I'm sorry no one has responded to your inquiry; it's not that we don't care. Sometimes we don't know, can't offer any ideas other than what you've tried. According to what I've read, the Siamese brand of cat tend to be talkative to begin with. My first gut reaction when I read your post was: dementia. Cats get fuzy in the mind, as do people, in their elder years. I don't believe that is a condition that wouldn't show up in any medical test. It's a condition you'd have...
I fell in love with several stray cats in Santorini; wanted to take them all home with me (:
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