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Wow! Good to know Dahalia isn't the only cat who climbs doors.
Ritz when she was young. "Here's lookin' at you!"
Triple(?) the suggestion on Magic Erasers. I volunteer for a cat sanctuary and clean the General Population room every Sunday. Lots of cats, lots of snots. What we do there is spray a solution like Nature's Miracle on the spot(s), wait a few minutes (important), and then use the Magic Eraser. Magic Erasers or similar brand don't seem to take off the paint but, frankly, that is not a big concern.
I'm glad I found this thread, too. @mschauer helped me a lot with Ritz' raw diet. Now I need help with Dahalia, who is just shy of one year old and has had very abnormal to high normal creatine levels (BUN normal) since I rescued her. Best guess by the vet and the vet who did the ultrasound is something she ingested right before I rescued her was toxic and damaged her kidneys somewhat. I do not want to put her on special kidney diet for many reasons. I will pm you, ...
She first saw the vet for this 'illness' on July 3. Second incident was around January 6. So it's close... Dahalia is around 10 months old and my vet left me a voice mail message saying, if I really want to feed raw, I should chose the 'light' meats such as turkey and chicken. A quick internet search indicates that beef cuts are lower in phosphorous. In any case, I will be giving her egg shell powder in lieu of bones. Thanks again.
Just thought I would update this thread. The vet who does the ultrasound sent me this report last week. In pertinent part: Bladder—Moderately to fully distended with urine. Wall measures 0.07/ cm thick. R Kidney--3.28 cm length with decreased corticomedullary contrast Ultrasound DDX--Decreased corticomedullary contrast with symmetrical normal to mildly decreased in size kidneys. r/o toxic exposure, raw diet/high protein/red meat, FIP, congenital abnormality, liver...
Sounds just like Ritz and Dahalia. I think it really just takes time, and more time, and patience. Hang in there!
In my opinion, for a cat with a possible kidney problem, yes dry food is not good. In interest of full disclosure: Dahalia has been on prey model raw almost since I rescued her, so I am biased.
Yeah, my philosophy--and perhaps that of the vets--is test for the obvious, then test for the not-obvious: grasping at straws. I was hoping the reason Dahalia drank gallons of water when I first rescued her was due to dehydration or a 'touch' of anti-freeze poisoning. Those explanations have been discounted.
Thanks everyone. Quick update: Dahalia is 100% back to normal. On Friday (15th), she is going to have an ultrasound and another attempt at getting a urine analysis. ALSO: she is going to be re-tested for FIV/FeLK: any idea why? She tested negative in early July 2016 ("SNAP" test). Thanks.
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