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Thanks, what a neat set up! I have a really good handyman (who also has a cat), so may show him these pictures and see if he can build/something like this. I've been wanting to repaint the kitchen, too.
Thanks. Gave me some good ideas for the "guarding the kitchen" problem I'm having with Hercules (Ritz hides under the table, won't pass by Hercules).
Thanks for your reassurance and suggestions. Yeah, I suspected it would take a long time, though actually, them co-existing without supervision took quicker than I thought. Tried Feliway, including the relatively new version for a multi-cat household, Bach's Rescue Remedy and Jackson's Rescue Remedy, didn't help at all. I tried l-theanine shortly after Ritz recovered from a stress-induced UTI; I may try that again. I have used an animal communicator with Ritz several...
Bottom line question: is there a way I can convince Ritz that Hercules isn't really guarding the kitchen entrance, prepared to pounce? Background: Hercules, male, neutered; Ritz, female, spayed. Roughly same age (six). Ritz rescued when she was around four to six months old; Hercules dumped sometime, perhaps as long as three years ago. I TNRd him in May 2012, always super friendly. Based on weight and professional sutured wound (not be me!), he had several...
I brought in Hercules who had been living on the streets for around two years, but, based on his weight and behavior, was being fed by more than one person. He was part of the community cat colony I took care of, and probably ate canned food, dry food and the occasional bird, rodent and squirrel. He had diarrhea (smelly) the first week, which I treated with the appropriate medication. I continued to fed him high quality canned, and then about a month later, transitioned...
I agree with norachan. If the cats are well fed, if there is sufficient food, the established members of the colony are more likely to accept the new cat, especially if she he is submissive.
Ritz has no problems with pork, but she doesn't have a problem with any food--except no food😃 i wonder if your cats are reacting to different non meat, organs. For example, does one have pea and the other corn? Just a thought.
I use to live in a condo with lots of bylaws, most of which were ignored. That said: My balcony was on the top floor of a three story building. The balcony had vertical, narrow metal railing (for lack of better description), and there was a very narrow horizontal top flat surface. Ritz conceiveably could have squeezed her head in between the metal metal railing. I and a friend put up what was essentially deer netting along the entire metal poles. But we remained...
Thanks. Hercules is all male; I just wasn't use to an affectionate cat!
Sometimes it's the texture of the commercial raw rather than the flavor; at least, that was the case with Ritz.
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