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Does she like cat nip? Maybe put cat nip on the places you want her to lay on.
I don't have any experience with hepatic lipidosis either. But here are my thoughts: regarding supplies, if a 'prescription' is needed for, for example, special foods, I believe the vet is required by law to give you the prescription and then you have your choice of where to buy it from. (Certainly, that is the case with humans and eye doctors.) Drs. FostersSmith has been around a good amount of time. I understand you need to feed a cat small amounts of food,...
I'm sorry no one has responded to your inquiry; it's not that we don't care. Sometimes we don't know, can't offer any ideas other than what you've tried. According to what I've read, the Siamese brand of cat tend to be talkative to begin with. My first gut reaction when I read your post was: dementia. Cats get fuzy in the mind, as do people, in their elder years. I don't believe that is a condition that wouldn't show up in any medical test. It's a condition you'd have...
I fell in love with several stray cats in Santorini; wanted to take them all home with me (:
I've been lurky on this thread for a couple of days; I'm so pleased with the progress Ms. Cockshutts has been making. I'm surprised the vet wasn't able to determine if Ms. Cockshutts was pregnant or not; I guess that shows you how much I don't know about pregnant cats. You're right in that now is not the typical time for cats to get pregnant. But it depends in part on opportunity (male cat) and I think unseasonable warm weather.
Consumer Reports has a subsidiary of sorts, called Consumer Checkbook. They occasionally do a full-length, full rating, of vets (as well as plumbers, day care centers, etc.) If you're near one of the areas they cover, that is an excellent resource.
I'm sorry you're going through this. I don't have much advice. At barely two weeks old, I don't think the kitten can more far. So I'm inclined to think the mother cat moved the kitten herself. Which leads me to this no good news: sometimes the mother cat will remove/ignore/hide one of her kittens if she thinks that kitten has something wrong with it. So look at some furniture/hole/clothing that is at floor height (i.e., kitten) and mother cat height/jumping height.
I believe the level/amount/degree (? don't know the proper term) of anethesia for a dental cleaning is considerably less than for a spay. Ritz was a tiny bit loopy after her first and second dental cleaning and wanted to eat immediately. (She was totally out of it after her spay.) Ritz is prone to gingivitis; some cats just are. She averages a dental cleaning every other year; her first one was when she was little over two years old. She probably had poor nutrition...
Were I ever to give Ritz whole prey (and, I've thought about it several times), I'd first buy a package at the local big box chain pet store, like PetCo or PetSmart. The whole prey companies I'm familiar with require a minimum order; you'd have to buy a lot of whole prey or mix and match prey model raw/ground. If your cat didn't like it, you may be stuck with a lot of raw meat. (I fed a small community cat colony. Only one cat will eat raw and I don't see that cat often.)
I think it's okay to trap during the winter, as long as the weather is nice (albeit cold) and there isn't any snow on the ground. You'd obviously have to check the traps constantly. Also, cover the trap with a heavy, dark colored blanket, including the part that is open (until the trap is sprung). The excess blanket will cover the formerly opened trap. (I hope my explanation makes sense.) And may have to change the bait; it will freeze fairly quickly. My biggest...
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