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Oh that's weird but I suppose it's possible. I've TNRd about 35 cats, and only one had a wound (arm area). The only other explanation I can think of is: what type of fences, objects are around the area? Maybe they are pooping/peeing in/on a place that has nails. Also going through a wire fence might cause a wound. It's far fetched--but so is a male cat biting that area. The neck is more accessible. ANY possibility a inhumane human is doing it?
Yes, a cat's body can get too use to one particular flea treatment. I've also read/heard that fleas themselves have evolved so they can 'resist' flea treatments. (Not dis-similar to humans and antibiotics.) Can/have you tried Revolution?
A cat can certainly gain weight on raw food--even if you don't want them to (here's looking at you, Ritz!) What meats/protein can he tolerate? Lamb has a lot of fat on it, as does some of the more expensive cuts of beef. Chicken skin is more of the most calorically dense foods out there, so if he can tolerate bone, definitely use chicken wings as the source. Egg yolks are also high in fat. Be careful, however: too much fat can make the poop runny in predisposed cats.
Yes, that is fine.
Agree about deforming. What shots are you referring to ? Not eating is not good. He may be at risk for fatty liver disease. Personally I would be worried too. Can you take him into the vets before work, drop him off? E-vet. Or call your regular vet, he may have an emergency contact number.
Ritz's (female) urine sometimes smells too. My vet said that the less a cat pees the more concentrated urine will smell. Ritz pees at the most twice a day, sometimes only once. Just, FWIW.....
This seems like an extreme form of FHS; has something even more serious (tumor in the brain or epilepsy) been ruled out. FHS is a diagnosis of exclusion. Ritz has relatively mild FHS, somewhat heightened by vaccinations or *maybe* dry air (heat), both of which happen around early January. Like your cat, she twitches, usually after eating (she is food obsessed). Her skin ripples, sometimes she races up and down the hall trying to escape something (herself?). Occasionally...
Welcome to The Cat Site. Do spread it out through the three (or how ever many) meals. Some cats don't particularly like organs, especially liver. So you can feed them when your cat is the hungriest. I personally feed Ritz liver and kidney in the morning. I also tend to spread organ (around 10%)/bone percentage (around 7% in Ritz' case) throughout a seven day period. It would drive me crazy (OCD issues) if I had to measure tenths of an ounce every day.
I agree with the other posters about dry food. It is more categorically dense ( more calories) than most wet food. Given her background she may always be food centric, that is, always wanting food. Do you free feed or time free, strongly recommend the later. Finally I would research a condition called Pica. It is psychological in nature and can be treated with drugs..
Try natures miracle, cheaper on Amazon.
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