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In my case, the AC only wanted to know my cat's name and a picture of Ritz, no other information--where I lived, etc. She knew that Ritz' favorite activity in the whole wide world is to look outside and see the birds; the AC knew the birds were 'pigeon' like (actually, they are mourning doves).
I don't have anything of value to add, except that many vibes for you and Max. You are a good cat parent. (I would suggest sprinkling FortiFlora as an appetite stimulant on his food, but this is a probiotic and should not be given concurrently with antibiotics.)
Even as a kid I felt somewhat guilty eating something that looks like an animal. And I never was/am a vegetarian. Peter the Rabbit comes by regularly to eat the bird seed in my front yard. Ritz enjoys watching him, pondering how to get to him. I've told Ritz it's not polite to eat your friends.
I do believe people have gifts that cannot be explained logically, scientifically. I've used an animal communicator twice now, and found both experiences/insights helpful. The AC was very accurate in my opinion. In the most recent communication, the AC said she thought Ritz was 'sensitive' to certain proteins (I fed raw). Based on some experimentation, I do believe this to be at partially true and could be a component in, among other things, Ritz' FHS (twitching/rolling...
Welcome to The Cat Site and sorry it's under these conditions. How is she now? Could your cat have seen something outside that caused her to go berserk? A strange cat, fox even? It could be displaced aggression: she seems something she can't get to/at, so she takes it out on you. Any new scents on you or your roommate--have you been around another cat? Animal? Also you say she is an indoor cat, but could she have ingested anything (thought that's a stretch). Some cats...
As a treat and sometimes as a supplement, some raw feeders feed sardines, packed in water, no salt. Ironically, one reason I transitioned Ritz to raw was because she was becoming 'addicted' to fish (Fancy Feast Classic and only FFC and only seafood....). Now, 2.5 years later, she seems to have lost her taste for fish, even the talapia I eat. Now, oatmeal/oat bran, that she likes!
Glad you're safe, prayers to other people. Today it's close to 75 degrees; tomorrow night we may get some snow flurries. Crazy weather!
Generally no to ground beef, at least the kind you buy in the grocery store. Too much possibility of bacteria growth. Baby food meat plus broth only is okay as an occasional treat, but isn't nutritionally complete.
First, thank you so much for caring! Maybe I missed it, but has he been neutered? That will go a long way to protecting him--he won't go roaming, looking for love in all the wrong places. He should also be vaccinated against rabies, perhaps dewormed/defleaed. I would continue to feed him, make sure the shelter is accessible and out of the rain and sun. It is difficult to find homes for adult cats. You might try posting on PetFinders, but be prepared for spam replies. ...
Yeah, I feel your pain. A new cat came to the colony the other day, obviously in need of a vet--wheezing, fur horrible condition (can't tell if he is emaciated), something reddish under his eyes. I'm hoping to see him again so I can better assess what's going on with him. I think he was dumped, formerly owned. Sweet face: none of these cats deserve being abandoned, dumped, sick. (I live 30 minutes from the colony--I moved about 18 months ago but still feed the colony...
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