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In my experience, Ritz grooms herself after I pet her. I don't know exactly why, except maybe to get my scent off of her. (I don't take it personally.. I think there are other signs if your cat is grooming herself excessive, like loss of fur.
Cats don't really have a sweet tooth; your cat may be drawn more towards fat and carbohydrate. So I wouldn't give him sweets. If you're concerned about Mr. T getting enough calories, do you add water to the puree? Maybe you could add an egg (calorically dense) and/or goat's milk or kitten milk replacement instead. (Cats are lactose intolerant, but some can handle goat milk.)
Any update. I don't have any insight, but offer vibes. The only thing I could think of: injury? inner ear infection (walking in circles)?
Super, what a great idea about the tag? I remember seeing them in Petco/PetSmart. Now all I have to do it get Hercules and then get it on him.
I am trying to determine if a cat is owned mainly for peace of mind. Ritz a prima donna and probably would not tolerate a second cat. I TRNd "Hercules" in May 2012; thereafter, he would come by occasionally to eat. Then around six months later, he showed up with a chunk of fur missing from his neck that had been professionally cleaned (shaved) and sutured. I didn't seem him for a while, and then started noticing him hanging around a different location. I have started...
This may sound mean but... I run the vacuum cleaner, just the noise tends to make Ritz run for the hills (one of the two bedrooms where I can close the door). You do have to be very quick to close the door, perhaps simultaneously throw a toy or treat to the far corner of the room.
I've recently learned that just because stool is hard doesn't necessarily mean you're feeding too much bone; other factors may be in play (not sure what those factors are, though--hydration?). Here is a thread all about poop, size and consistency, with lots of pictures I don't know much about Ca:P ratios, I do know cats with certain medical conditions need to be very cognizant of this. Good luck!
Hint taken The appointment is February 4th at 9 a.m., information sheet said to allow at least an hour for the initial consulation/appointment, which is a good sign.
Thanks for the correction@mschauer . In Ritz' case alone perhaps, very hard stool seems to be related to not enough fat in her diet (she needs to lose weight but has a big appetite) or (I thought) too much bone. Ritz gets constipated on any more than 6 or 7% bone. I *finally* made an appointment with a holistic vet who can hopefully help me to fine tune Ritz' diet, including why her stools are sometimes tiny and hard, appetite large, weight too much, and why she still...
One way I tell if Ritz is getting too much bone or too little fat is the consistency of her poop: if very hard, then probably she is eating too much bone; if soft (rare in Ritz case), then either she just had a meal of fatty lamb or I need to feed her more bone.
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