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Anthropomorphising.   .
Shirt.   .
Yes.     Do you play contract bridge?   .
  A simple word of caution: if you've never used a circular saw, don't buy one unless you're willing  to learn - from a professional - how to use one safely.  It's the second most dangerous power tool in the commercial market; they bind, they pinch and they kick - and when they kick, it's only a matter of milliseconds before you can find yourself on the way to the hospital, driving with only one hand, because the other's in your pocket. Before you consider it, do a YouTube...
 Methinks that Apple support is full of iPad Hot Air; this is almost assuredly an internal problem - not a problem with the site. .
 I'll say !.
  If they're wearing a MAGA hat, or appear deplorable, they're out on their ear. .
 The Chicago Tribune, any time before 1950. .
Four.      When you play Scrabble, do you play in a single language or multilingually? .   .
 What was it that Robert Frost said about Time, "standing still?"  Twiggy was cute in the sixties... pretty and pixieish.  At age fifty, she seemed to shed that as many women do, and took on a mantle of sophisticated beauty that women in their twenties and thirties can never quite manage.  She's sixty-seven now, and she seems to have somehow blossomed into a renewed loveliness which Time can no longer touch. Good pick - she's simply ageless. .
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