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Meatballs.   .
Maine Coon Cat heritage.  Another thread:     A brief discussion here, on WikiTalk; just search "tufts" -
 How many play sessions does he get daily, and of what approximate duration?  .
  They make a lovely pair. .
 Let's start from the foundation; is the cat in your avatar the cat you're discussing?  "Smoke," is a pattern type; in "Smoke," the roots of the hairs are white, not grey as they would be in most cats, and aren't agouti hairs; the pattern is the action of shading perceived against a solid (non-agouti) coat (i.e. each hair is coloured well below the place where the agouti band would appear), and hence, a black smoke cat is actually a black cat, and a blue smoke cat is a...
 There's a brief description of Barrington Brown here: Outside the Burmese and Havana Brown phenotypes, brown is most often black diluted to mahogany rather than to grey. .
First, welcome to TCS.  Some cats simply won't wear collars or harnesses, and to be honest, there's really no sense in trying to argue with a Siamese.   As to being on a lead at the vet's, it's not the best of ideas.  Cats really should be in carriers to protect them against the eventuality of a dog attack.   Last, dear Lord, she's positively stunning.   .
  Hooray ! ,.
I wonder why the vet failed to recommend Ovaban to break their heat cycles, and failed to spay them at an earlier age?   .
  Yuck !!!   If I want food that's full of cat hair, I can just eat at home.    .
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