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You Outta Know-Allanis Morrisette     Did you forget about me Mr.Duplicity? I hate to bug you in the middle of dinner.   ex-husband stuff.
North Korea. The government, the weather, the poverty   Would you ever (funds not a prob) fly to Italy for a week just to pig out on amazing food and view amazing art?
Yes, I think it would be fun,   Would you ever live in a country where women have to wear veils and keep their bodies covered if the punishment for not doing so is harsh?
Walking Tall
bookmarks   name something near you that you've had for over 10 years (not kitties :)
scald   Sunflowers come all lazy days
Ok I'll start.     It Was a Very Good Year-Frank Sinatra   Fave Line   When I was twenty-one It was a very good year It was a very good year for city girls Who lived up the stairs With all that perfumed hair And it came undone When I was twenty-one
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