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This is him right now, like just a few seconds ago:) lol, the picture above is a few weeks ago and can't tell how thin his coat is
Hey.. u guys think he's Turkish angora? I read they have no undercoat and his is super thin.and I've seen other pictures of grey and white Angoras and the only difference is the nose markings!
You! Our harnesses came in the mail!
Loki My kittens enjoying a shoebox! Apollo
LOKI(black)&APOLLO(grey/white) My Handsome BabyBoys
My green eyes!
That's too funny! Yes Apollo HATES IT.. he will come sit right in front of my face and just stare at me with that sad kitty look like "please take it off mama" for and hour at a time.. it takes EVERYTHING in me to leave it on๐Ÿ˜ž
My pitaful baby boy Apollo, just got nuetered yesterday
Loki(black) Apollo(grey and white)
Apollo sleeping on Christmas pillow
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