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 Sorry to hear about Sissy  Thank you for sharing. 
 Sure! Absolutely!   Glad to hear it! To clarify, I am looking for stories like Bella Lago's and Greypaws', i.e. - Cat started going outside the box => Vet diagnosed a medical problem (probably FLUTD of some form) and treated => Cat using the litterbox again There are many reasons for litterbox avoidance, obviously. Not all of them are related to a health problem. I just want to focus in this article on the cases when the trigger is in fact a medical issue.  I can share my...
Ok, looks like the login box isn't coming back anytime soon, but at least we know why it went AWOL!    TCS switched to the https protocol a few days ago. I won't bore you with the technical details but it means the site is more secure for users now and more resistant to some forms of hacking/phishing. Apparently, it also means log in boxes aren't encouraged. The powers-to-be (i.e. Google) think they're not safe enough and therefore should be limited to very specific (and...
We switched to a the https protocol and this could have caused the issue. Possibly the ad-blocker software got updated.   I would really appreciate it if those of you using ad blockers could make an exception and switch them off for this site. We rely on ad revenue to keep the site going. I understand that ads can be annoying (I'm a web user too!) so I make a point of limiting the number of ads, never serving pop-ups, interstitials, auto-play ads and other annoying ad...
 Perfect! That's just the kind of story I'm looking for! Thank you!
I'm working on an article about the possible connection between litterbox avoidance and health problems. I'd love to work a few stories from our members about cats who avoided the litterbox, diagnoses with a medical problem and once that was fixed, returned to the box (with or without additional behavioral techniques).
I'm so sorry to hear your cats had to go through this. Have you contacted Whiskas about this? Maybe they'd like to test that batch and see if there are any contaminants in that specific batch?
One photo per member, as @Norachan  mentioned and also please mention the names of the cats in that picture. Thanks!
 That's a good question. Does he actually use that post? If not, you need to figure out what's the difference between that scratching post and the couches? Is it less stable? Smaller (in the length of the scratching area), vertical vs. horizontal? 
She's a beautiful cat! I would say a marble torbie, i.e. marble tabby with both black and orange in the colors. Very unique though IMO neither Ocicat, nor Sokoke or even bengal. Just good old domestic shorthair tabby with one of the less common patterns and color combos.   More on tabby coat patterns -   ​ 
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