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Percy, Lost in Thought - Picture of the Week #1607

  • by AnneSite Owner

When a new member joins our ranks, he or she often creates new albums for their furbabies and we get to enjoy a multitude of beautiful cat photos! Such is the case with @albercheck who joined TCS only yesterday and already shared over a dozen photos of the very handsome Percy! The entire album is full of beautiful images and choosing only one wasn't easy! Percy is a gorgeous fluffy tabby who looks great in every photo! I ended up with this one featuring a beautiful pensive kitty - Welcome to TCS, Percy and @albercheck! We hope you'll keep on sharing more awesome... read more

21 Photos of Shoe-Obsessed Cats That Will Make You Laugh

Marco needs a forever home - Picture of the Week #1606

  • by AnneSite Owner

Meet Marco, the formerly feral kitten that will melt your heart - This stunning photo was uploaded by our member @gmm80 to the Cat Close-Ups album. She's the fortunate foster of this adorable boy and his siblings. They were all trapped with their feral momma only last month. Marco's mother is entirely feral, so she's been spayed and will be re-homed as a barn cat when the weather gets warmer. Marco, his brother and sister are being fostered by @gmm80 and we wish them the best of luck in finding the best possible forever homes!   I'm so glad little Marco is in a... read more

How to make your home BIGGER (at least for your cats)

A Blue-eyed Girl - Picture of the Week #1605

  • by AnneSite Owner

People often wonder if their newly adopted cat or kitten might be of a specific breed. We even wrote a guide to answer that very common question - ​ - and it's become one of the most read articles on the site. For those still wondering, there's a forum dedicated to that question called Describing Cats - What Does My Cat Look Like?, where members can upload photos of their cats and see what others think. It's often where I find wonderful photos when looking for our Picture Of The Week, as was the case today - Our new member @sagwathekitty posted this beautiful photo,... read more

Litterbox Problems? Here's why you should call your vet

The Cream of the Crop - Picture Of The Week #1604

  • by AnneSite Owner

I know very little about this cat. Our new member @JustCuriousQ uploaded her photos to a thread in the Describing Cats - What Does My Cat Look Like? forum, asking what breed this gorgeous kitty - given to him (her?) by a family friend - might be. Without papers, it's impossible to say that a cat it truly of a particular breed. We can however use the right terminology to describe the look. In this case it's a cream tabby longhair cat. You can see more great photos of this anonymous beauty in this thread and wish her a great life in her new home.   Have a great... read more

First-time Cat Owner's Guide

Our favorite winter dish is Spuds! Picture Of The Week #1603

  • by AnneSite Owner

Perfect photo to end a busy week with! Little spuds asleep in his kitty bed. White snow in the background and an (almost) white cat enjoying the sun's rays.  Can you say "peaceful?" I found this photo in the thread titled Post your white cats here where our member @OpieandSpuds shared this lovely image. We hope everyone is enjoying a relaxing warm weekend!  read more

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