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Cat Trees: 12 designs that will make you go "Wow!"

Coconut - Picture of the week #1612

  • by AnneSite Owner

It's time to highlight this week's photos by choosing one of the very best cat pics submitted throughout the site. This time, I chose Coconut, a gorgeous blue-eyed kitten! Coconut is a new TCS kitten, introduced by our new member @melissajoy. You can meet Coconut and other adorable new kitties in her welcome thread.  Although this thread was in our Fur Pictures forum, don't forget to visit the New Cats On The Block occasionally, where new members often post photos of their furbabies. After all, everyone wants to put their best paw forward when making introductions... read more

Turkish Angora Cats

Majestic Phillip - Picture Of The Week #1611

  • by AnneSite Owner

As I browsed this week's crop of fantastic cat photos submitted to the site, I kept coming back to one thread. The problem was choosing only one image from all the amazing photographs that @Scarlettleia added to the thread! I ended up with this one and I hope you'll approve - @Scarlettleia was fortunate to have a photographer friends visit her home and take some pretty awesome photos of her kitties. Check out the other pictures in the thread - they are all amazing! A combination of a talented photographer and beautiful subjects equals spectacular photos! Leave a... read more

What would be your cat's fantasy vacation?

Picture of The Month #1610 - Playful Roman

  • by AnneSite Owner

We have some great news about Roman, the Cat Who Wouldn't Play. According to @badw0lf, Roman's secret playtime preferences have finally come to light! And @badw0lf had an awesome photo to share too. So awesome, it's out Cat Picture Of The Week! That picture makes me want to reach into the screen and fluff up that beautiful fur! How about you? Oh, and if you're curious about Roman's playtime preferences, check out the thread here.  read more

Why you should never let your cat hunt

A mystery named Oliver - Picture Of the Week #1609

  • by AnneSite Owner

This incredibly handsome boy was adopted from a shelter five years ago. Ever since then, @nickirows's family is in dispute over Oliver's roots. The shelter said he was feral, so no one knows his background. Could he be a Birman or maybe a Ragdoll? Inquiring minds want to know. Other minds will settle for just enjoying his beauty! @nickirows posted the question in our forum: Describing Cats - What Does My Cat Look Like? I really recommend reading the actual thread here. It has more awesome photos of Oliver and also a hilarious description of his character and... read more

7 Proven Ways to Get Your Cat to Be More Active

Missy's Whiskers - Picture Of the Week #1608

  • by AnneSite Owner

Meet Missy and her magnificent whiskers! I found this beautiful photo in our Cat Care & Grooming forum of all places, where one of our members asked whether a cat's long whiskers needed trimming. In case you're wondering, the answer is no. There is absolutely no need to trim or shorten a cat's whiskers. To make that point, several members contributed photos of their "highly whiskered" kitties. One of those members was @Mama Africa who submitted this awesome photo of blue-eyed Missy! Definitely one of the prettiest photos uploaded to the site this week, don't you think? read more › Blog Posts