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Alternative Treatments for Cats: How to Minimize the Risk

Abby the Sleeping Tigress - Picture Of the Week #1602

  • by AnneSite Owner

When in doubt about anything, do as little Abby here does, cuddle up with a warm blankie and snooze! This sweet tabby kitten is only 11 weeks old and already mastered the feline art of sleep! Our new member @jennyC adopted Abby from the local shelter only last week and says Abby is quite the littler tigress. She had a message from Abby in her introduction thread - Quote: Abby says: Hello and boing boing boing! kitten kitten kitten! Where's the string huh huh huh? Look everyone I can climb now! Watch me, watch me! Zzzzzzzzzzzz. What a perfect description of a... read more

9 Valentine's Day Gifts That Will Make Any Cat Lover Happy

Quiz: How much do you know about cat health?

Kindness towards Feral Mama - Picture Of the Week #1601

  • by AnneSite Owner

I'm not sure if it's odd that both the first and second photos for 2017 are of feral cats? Scratch that, there's nothing odd about feral cats and the love and dedication TCS members hold for them.     In fact, it's only apt that our first photo was of feral Puff Ball and the second is of Feral Mama here -  If last week we talked about commitments for the new year, this time it's all about fulfilling such commitments to the max. This sweet cat is so lucky to have @SimonSchuster as her caring angel. By now Feral Mama - Was trapped, neutered and returned to her... read more

Cats and babies: All your questions answered!

A New Commitment for 2017 - Picture Of the Week #1600

  • by AnneSite Owner

So, what's your new year's resolution? Our member @Keeneland has made a very special one in this thread. The cat's name is Puff Ball, easy to see why and she was already trapped and neutered a few months ago. She seems friendly but still isn't comfortable around people so Keeneland says her goal for 2017 is to tame Puff Ball and turn her into a trusting kitty. How about you? Any cat-related commitments for 2017? Share them in the comments section below and let us know all about them!   Happy New Year everyone! read more

TCS Cats in A Special End of Year Video!

  • by AnneSite Owner

As 2016 is coming to its end, I'd like to share some thoughts and numbers with you. It's also the time to share the special video clip featuring all 52 cat photos that were selected as our Picture Of The Week throughout 2016!   What an exciting year this was! TheCatSite kept growing with more and more cat lovers visiting us to learn about good cat care and share our passion for all things feline. In fact, during 2016 we had no fewer than 12 million visitors! Yes, that's right, we brought together enough cat people to populate a small country! Our visitors come... read more

How to Safely Introduce a Cat and a Dog

Friendship, sleep and chocolate! Picture Of The Week #1599

  • by AnneSite Owner

Our member @Gareth provided us with the purrfect photo to end 2016 with. "Loki and Mia in their happy place" was Gareth's description. I hope it can help us all get in the zone too! After all, two Burmese chocolate cats hugging as they take their nap together is as calming an image as you can think of, isn't it? I hope you and your kitties are enjoying a long and just as peaceful holiday weekend! I can't believe this is our last Picture of The Week for 2016! Time sure flies when you're having fun! Happy holidays everyone and may 2017 be filled with more beautiful cat... read more › Blog Posts