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Soren the Bobcat Hybrid

.\\ Soren //. . : Breed : . Soren is a Maine Coon, Bobcat and Manx hybrid. . : Gender : . Soren is an unaltered tom. . : Soren's Story : . My husband and I adopted Soren on November 3, 2013. We called off of work November 2nd and 3rd so that we could go to Repticon. I had been planning for months that this next Repticon I would get a jungle carpet python; my second snake. We spent most of the day on the 2nd looking around at everything. There were very few carpet pythons (Its really annoying that ball pythons dominant those things :/ ). I found a few adults, but... read more

Ivan, our Siberian Kitten

I am so excited that I've finally been able to have a cat for the very first time.  Due to severe allergies, I've only been able to admire cats from afar.  I am so glad for the beautiful Siberian Forest Cat breed, that produces far less allergens than other cat breeds.     My husband however, grew up with cats, and has wanted very much to have a cat added to our family. Years ago we did the research and learned about the Siberian breed.  It's rather hard to stomach a purebred price for a relatively rare breed of cat (at least in this part of the world) when free... read more

Tiko's Page - By Keycube

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Lily the Solid White Domestic Shorthair

          Please upload and embed a picture of your cat here.  For instructions on uploading photos, click here.               Name: Lily Vanilly   Sex: Female   Is this a Memorial Page? No.   Year of Birth: 2010   Breed: Solid White Domestic Shorthair   Fur... read more

Squitten's Page - By SquittensMum

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Kika - Scottish Straight blue female

Scottish Straight blue female born on 9 november 2013 read more

My cat has a bald spot and I don't know why...Please Help!!

This is Sully. He is almost 5 years old and has never had any problems. I just noticed tonight that he has a bald spot on his back. He is acting perfectly normal and hasn't shown signs that it is bothering him. He does have a brother that he fights/plays with sometimes, but this spot doesn't look like it was caused from that. The vet is closed and tomorrow is sunday so the hours are limited. I have no idea what caused this. Can anyone help?   Thanks!!         read more

Jaffa Cake's Page - By BSHcatLover

  Name: Jaffa Cake   Nicknames: Biscuit, Black Cat, Cocoa Puff, Meatloaf   Sex: Female   Birthday: September 8th, 2004   Breed: British Shorthair   Fur Color: Black   Eye Color: Yellow   Lives with: Angus McHaggispants and Mao   Biography: Originally from Sweden, she was imported to the UK as a breeding queen and has since retired.  Affectionately referred to as "Biscuit," Jaffa has made her home in Edinburgh, living out her retirement doing all the things she loves, such as sleeping... and... mainly just sleeping.   Arrival... read more

What Cat Breed Is She?

Hello, I was wondering if there is anyone out there who might know what breed my cat is..? I have tried to look up her breed on google so many times because I am curious what she is..but I can't seem to find anything. The closest breeds that I did find were Ragdolls and Turkish Vans...but they don't really match up.  As a kitten her fur was white and grey, and her ears were fluffy.  As she grew the grey turned into an almost black.  Her tail on the other hand got really fluffy....the fluff on her ears wasn't as fluffy.  I feel like she was the "runt" of her... read more

Marla Mayhem's Page - By quietlydestroyd

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