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Liver Failure in cats????

Back in June someone threw 3 teeny tiny kittens in our yard. the other neighbors got 2 and 1.On the way to the humane society we turned around and came back home and have been raising them ever since. Beautiful babies now 10 months old. 2 boys and 1 girl. We had them all spayed/neutered. Feeding only the very best cat food. 5 days ago the female, Lexie Gray suddenly quit eating. She refused 7 meals no matter what we tried. Finally 2 days ago  in the night she crossed the "Rainbow Bridge". I could not believe how fast she went down. When I picked her up out of the crate I... read more

January's page

💕My boy January, a DSH Brown Mackerel Tabby, found abandoned and injured 💉 with a opened wound and was rescued on 9th January 2016, was 3 weeks old at that time. Now he is a happy cat living with us getting all our ❤️ and attention💕 He is our first cat after 50 years but in between we have dogs. All along we love cats too and I've been photographing cats, mostly strays but don't know why we did not keep any cats ever since but then came along January ....................... January came into our lives on the 9th of January 2016 and thus January is his name 😃 He was... read more

The Bonster A.K.A. Bonnie Wonnie Doo Da

Bonnie was described at the Boulder Humane Society as a cat who loved living with other four-legged creatures. Uh. Not so much!   My neighbor took over care of a cat I was watching for a year, while his family was away.  Why? Because Bonnie earned her nickname THE BONSTER when trying to (no way to sugar coat this,) mame and destroy poor Bilbo!   Ah, well. Some of us vant to be alone, yes? I'll only enjoy my lady's company a few more months.  Her dad & I are amicably separating and he gets the Bonster since he "chose her."   But. I'm being philosophical. I will... read more

Baby Marley (AKA Batman)

On November 17th, 2016, baby Marley was born. He is an Exotic Shorthair and had the most gorgeous and bright big brown eyes that are so expressive. His coat is black and white. His face looks exactly like he is wearing Batman's mask which is how he got his nickname Batman. After a smooth first 8 weeks Marley suddenly became very sick and almost died. We don't know what caused it but he became so anaemic and his blood was like water. The vet was sure he wouldnt make it. But the little fighter surprised everyone and pulled through. I have had him for about a month now... read more

Help me with my cat please!

Hello, cat community.  I have a male 6 month old kitten, who I got off the street with his brother and sister. Today, I took the female to be spayed. Now, Charlie, the subject of this story, has never misbehaved. He always uses his litter box. Recently, he had peed in other places, but only once or twice in the span of 2 months or so. But today, when I came back home with my recently spayed kitten, he started peeing everywhere, from walls to curtains, bathrooms, sheets, clothes, and even my own face. I'm really frustrated as to why he is doing this all of a sudden. I am... read more

Buddy ~ 6/2012 - 2/28/2017 "In between the dash"

BUDDY came to me with his sister, they were three days old, their mother had been killed by a car and a kind lady rescued them. I bottle-fed them and the day he opened his eyes he dropped the bottle from his mouth and climbed up on my chest and nosed my chin. I knew my heart was his and his heart was mine. Originally hidden sister were to be brought at 12 weeks old to be fully vetted neutered microchipped and to be adopted by a woman who wanted them. She came and got them took him to petco and bought them the best of everything and she loved them but after four... read more

My Boney Girl

  Introduction A little kitty wandered into my life in need of care. I was glad to help her. Somebody had abandoned her, maybe because of her less than perfect health. My attempt to resist attachment was wholly unsuccessful. I loved her and always will. Pets add quality to our days here on earth and become valued family members. Our story is that of a regular guy and a regular cat. Our good times, her battle with feline renal disease and my struggle to adjust to life without her. In the following pages I remember her expressed in rhyme, stories, pictures and... read more

Xena 2001?-November 19,2016

As I write this, my Xena has been gone 102 days and I still can't imagine my life without her. My wife and I are a childless couple and Xena filled the role of being our first born daughter. She came to us shortly after the passing of the last dog I will ever have. The 13+ years she spent with us is the longest time any of my pets have ever stayed with me. Her estimated age of 15 1/2 years is older than any other pet I have had. The memories, stories and feelings I have for her would fill many pages if I were to write them all down. I have not the words to adequately... read more

My Delilah

Name: Delilah                                                                              Born: ~ 12/30/2010 Age: 6 years Gender: Female Breed: Domestic Long Hair Pattern: Calico, van pattern Diet: Rotation of Nature's Valley Instinct LID turkey, duck, rabbit, and pork; Holistic Select chicken pate, turkey pate, and chicken liver and lamb; Whole Earth Farms chicken; Wellness CORE non fish flavors; EVO  Probiotics (acidophilus) with every meal Current weight:  12.3 lbs - she is now at her ideal weight!                                                        ... read more

Bernie, my FIV+ Bundle of Joy

Is your cat female or male? Bernie is male. How old is your cat and what's his/her year of birth? Bernie is 5 years old. He was born sometime in 2011. His exact date of birth is not known since he is a former stray cat. At the writing of this post, I have had him five days now.  What does she/he look like? Bernie is a handsome tuxedo domestic shorthair mix. How did you meet? Bernie and I met at the ASPCA here in NYC! I had wanted to adopt a cat for some time and he was the first cat I was introduced to and I immediately fell in love with him and his story. He has a... read more › Cat Pages