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Mario (Poof)

Here is my cat Mario! Pronounced mare-io. He is the softest cat ever! He is a Scottish fold, but he doesn't have folded ears. We got him when he was 4 and he is now 8. He is addicted to treats, so we have been lightening up on those. He used to eat 24 treats a day The old owner was a woman who loved cats. Unfortunately her boyfriend didn't. So they ended up getting a dog, and his life was hard. His name was Elliot before Looking out the window He always thinks that there is another cat. You can see his lips Meh chubby poof! read more

Lilly-Belle- The spitfire

This, is Lilly-Belle We discovered her on Craigslist. Her previous family had to find her a new home, because their son is severely allergic to at dander. My boyfriend purchased her for me, because she is a Maine Coon, Siamese mix, and he knows that those are my favorite 2 breeds of cat. Needless to say, I was excited. While Chewie is mainly for my boyfriend, she is mine. She's my pretty lady. Her name comes from Walt Disney. He named his favorite train, his own personal train, after his wife, Lillian. The trains name? The Lilly-Belle. I think the name suits... read more

The Tale of Benjamin Button!

Last year, on the 10th May 2015, I got a little balinese kitten off of my friends for my birthday! He came to school in a box with some cat biscuits, on the back of a motorcycle! He was a really smol baby and was constantly meowing whenever you picked him up!   He really does love his food and is almost always munching on food and asking for scraps (though I only ever give him boiled chicken or liver as treats!!). He's definately my little baby, and is easily entertained by anything (unlike Indie who gets bored of the same thing VERY quickly). He even sits by the... read more

Indiana Jones!!

Indie (short for Indiana Jones) was found by me on a walk through a park. I actually found him three days before I decided to take him home, but I thought he probably had a Mum who was looking after him and lurking around somewhere. However, on the third day, after still NO sign of his Mum, I took the little tyke home with me and he's been an indoor cat for about two years since!!   When he first came he was awfully skinny and scrawny and could fit on the palm of my hand! I'm guessing he was roughly 1.5months old? Give or take a few weeks. He had TERRIBLE diarrhea too,... read more

Maya and the Big, Scary World

In November of 2012 I met 2 kittens rescued from an abusive owner. The rest of their litter had passed away, as had their mother, and after a long period of recovery they were up for adoption. They were brother and sister, both beautiful longhair kittens with big green eyes you couldn't help but fall into. Panther, the male, was just like any other kitten, jumping around and batting at anything that moved, wrestling and purring and begging for loves like he hadn't been abused through the all-important period where a kitten learns what is safe and what isn't. But his... read more

Isabel, My Little Warrior

For my Isy Baby, my little warrior June 11, 2005 - August 30, 2015   The summer of 2005 made me fall in love with cats. It wasn't my first experience with cats--we had a 4-year-old calico tabby named Zena at the time who I adored--but it was different.   It had just stormed and everything was still dripping wet. My mother stopped at an Albertson's and almost walked right past the bushes out front, but was lucky enough to spot the little scrap of fur huddled underneath it. The kitten was about 3 weeks old, and she was so dirty we first thought she was solid black.... read more

My Delilah

Name: Delilah                                                                              Born: ~ 12/30/2010 Age: 5 years Gender: Female Breed: Domestic Long Hair Pattern: Calico, van pattern Diet: Rotation of Nature's Valley Instinct LID turkey, duck, rabbit, and pork; Holistic Select chicken pate, turkey pate, and chicken liver and lamb; and Whole Earth Farms chicken. Pet Ultimates Probiotics with every meal, and occasional Miralax and acacia fiber for constipation Current weight:  12.8 lbs (down from a high of 14.1!)                                      ... read more

Oscar, the old man living a new life

  This is Oscar. You may be wondering why my bed doesn't have a sheet on it. That's because when Oscar's hungry, he likes to make sure I know. One of his tactics is to use my bed as litter box even when his box is clean and only a few feet away. It gets my attention, alright. Look at how smug he is.       He had been living on my porch for a few weeks before I adopted him in early December 2015. When I first left out wet food for him he was very cautious of me. He hissed and clawed at me if I got too close too quickly. After a week or so, he warmed up to me a little.... read more

Hi there, I'm Khushi...Remember me?

   It's been awhile since I've been on here... missed me? I'm almost 4 months old now.. 12 more days to go. When I first posted a thread, I mentioned a little of my backgorund and present time then. Today I'll be giving you all updates. (if you are new to my threads and would like to read my first thread, then please copy and paste this link:    It has been 3... read more

Millie, the kitten rescued from a parking lot

This is Millie (named by my daughters), who we found crying under a shopping cart one morning in June 2015 and of course, had to take her home. The vet declared she could eat kitten food, but might not be much more than a month old judging by her size. With her paw pads skinned up from being cruelly dumped, horrible ear mites and worms, it took awhile to get her healthy. But she is tenacious and spunky. She has pale blue eyes, her only stripes are on her face and she has a coat I've heard described as all the ingredients of a cappuccino. She is extremely friendly, has... read more › Cat Pages