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Miss Maple

3/13/16 Ah, Miss Maple. She's led a rather simple life, which isn't necessarily a bad thing when it comes to cats. She's been a happy and healthy (albeit a bit on the big side) cat for a little over 14 years now. Her birthday was the beginning of this month actually! Here's how Maple's story began, in 2002. My friend in Toronto had a kitty that was pregnant. A few days after my birthday, my friend emailed me to wish me a belated happy birthday, and told me she would have said it ON the day, but the kittens were born that day. Kittens born - on my 25th birthday - what a... read more

Amelia ~ heart of an Adventurer

I am Amelia - this is my story. read more

The Don and Her Crew

Lucky is an 8yr old calico, nicknamed The Don. She runs the house in a quiet but deadly type of way. Loves to snuggle but also bite your toes off if they look at her wrong. As with any cat, she has her moments of absolute insanity - usually at 4am or an hour before I need to get up for work. Her antics are never ending however all she ever really wants is to be nearby. She will growl and hiss if I love on her too much but quietly accepts the multitude of kisses I smother her face with - all with an ever present scowl, of course.    Sophie is the Dons right hand and... read more

Mochachina the Kitty

        Mocha is a two year old tortoiseshell cat and she lives up to their reputation. She is queen of the house, her way or the highway, especially when it come one year old brother Loki. Don't be fool thou, behind all that tortitude, is a sweet, purry kitty. Her purr is really loud and usually starts as soon as you pet her but be careful she will lick you a lot. She loves to play and climb in her tree when its warm outside. I got her when she was eight weeks old, as a gift from boyfriend. His mom's coworker's barn cat had kittens. She was the only one who... read more

My New Fella Has Two Names

This is my gorgeous 4 month old baby. He has two names: a Thai name (I live in Chiang Mai), Kolo, and his American name, Wee-Willy. His Thai name was given by his former owner, a businessman who rightly acknowledged that he wasn't around enough to give Kolo adequate attention, and bequeathed him to me. His American name, Wee-Willy, came about because he is either a a true Munchkin, or just has extra short leggins. I don't speak enough Thai and his previous owner doesn't speak enough English for me to determine where the previous owner got Kolo/Willy; however, he is... read more


Hello my name is Domino.  Today I will tell you about my life. I started off as a kitten looking for a home. One day someone named Maya took me home I lived peacefully with her and her mom until... THEY GOT A DOG!!! And so I had to live with a dog. After awhile we learned to be friends.  And then they got a CAT! So the kitten Gizmo and the Puppy Copper Became best of friends and I could live peacefully once again. read more


Hecate is the furbaby of Hatchytt and Rune. She's a mute. She was likely born in August, but we're not completely sure. She came to us at about two months old. And she's been the spoiled little princess of the apartment ever since.   This is the first photo I got of Hecate. She's stuffing her face with the boiled chicken thigh I made to welcome her and make her feel more secure.   This is Hecate next to the emergency littler box we had for her. Rune's brother sent her over while we were ill-prepared for a kitten. He had found her wandering the street and... read more

Bandit ( band -a-poo )

  well bandit came to us just like shadow did . my husband found him at work . we had a lot of rain and i guess he was out in it  when he brought him home he was more brown than white . just a tiny kitten . i had to give him a couple of baths. he is our newest baby.. yep i have a house full of kids.. love them all and all fixed and spoiled.             read more

Shadow (Shad Shad )

Shadow came to live with us when my husband found him at work one day.. took them forever to get him to come to them but finally did music from someone phone. ha . He was 6 weeks old or less  .. i have video somewhere of him tiny i will find and at it  later..                       read more

Dex ( Dexbaby )

Mr Dex is no baby anymore but at times he does act like one . We got him from a vet when he was little we were looking for a kitten at the time cause we had just lost one and had to get another to help with us being so sad.. the vet got him from a lady that found him on the side of the road. someone had dumb him . he is lover and he is 22lbs . he loves deer meat.. well all my cats do. we share the deer when my husband goes hunting .                       read more › Cat Pages