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Bandit ( band -a-poo )

  well bandit came to us just like shadow did . my husband found him at work . we had a lot of rain and i guess he was out in it  when he brought him home he was more brown than white . just a tiny kitten . i had to give him a couple of baths. he is our newest baby.. yep i have a house full of kids.. love them all and all fixed and spoiled.             read more

Shadow (Shad Shad )

Shadow came to live with us when my husband found him at work one day.. took them forever to get him to come to them but finally did music from someone phone. ha . He was 6 weeks old or less  .. i have video somewhere of him tiny i will find and at it  later..                       read more

Dex ( Dexbaby )

Mr Dex is no baby anymore but at times he does act like one . We got him from a vet when he was little we were looking for a kitten at the time cause we had just lost one and had to get another to help with us being so sad.. the vet got him from a lady that found him on the side of the road. someone had dumb him . he is lover and he is 22lbs . he loves deer meat.. well all my cats do. we share the deer when my husband goes hunting .                       read more

3 little kitten Boots , Flip , Sissy

Mom Kitty  of the 3 little kittens is a Feral cat . She adopted me few weeks before the babies were born . When I saw She was going to have babies I started feeding her . So she would stay around cause I didn't want to babies to be born Out in the wild . One day she came to eat I could tell she had already had her babies. I kept trying to figure out Where she had them .. I knew it had to be close cause she would come eat twice a day.. So one night my husband and I Were sitting on the poach and she came for her nightly feeding . She ate and than it was like she wanted... read more

Madeline the Miracle

I adopted Madeline from the Austin Humane Society when she was 4 months old, looking about half that, definitely the runt of the little. I remember she sat with me in the visitation room and purred each day I visited, and I was grateful she was still there because I had about a week before I could move in to my new place and I didn't want to put a new kitten through that craziness. She was (and is) a beautiful thing with a white undercoat that you can kind of see in the pictures below.    I knew she was sick when I adopted her in... February, I think... but the shelter... read more

Mario (Poof)

Here is my cat Mario! Pronounced mare-io. He is the softest cat ever! He is a Scottish fold, but he doesn't have folded ears. We got him when he was 4 and he is now 8. He is addicted to treats, so we have been lightening up on those. He used to eat 24 treats a day The old owner was a woman who loved cats. Unfortunately her boyfriend didn't. So they ended up getting a dog, and his life was hard. His name was Elliot before Looking out the window He always thinks that there is another cat. You can see his lips Meh chubby poof! read more

Lilly-Belle- The spitfire

This, is Lilly-Belle We discovered her on Craigslist. Her previous family had to find her a new home, because their son is severely allergic to at dander. My boyfriend purchased her for me, because she is a Maine Coon, Siamese mix, and he knows that those are my favorite 2 breeds of cat. Needless to say, I was excited. While Chewie is mainly for my boyfriend, she is mine. She's my pretty lady. Her name comes from Walt Disney. He named his favorite train, his own personal train, after his wife, Lillian. The trains name? The Lilly-Belle. I think the name suits... read more

The Tale of Benjamin Button!

Last year, on the 10th May 2015, I got a little balinese kitten off of my friends for my birthday! He came to school in a box with some cat biscuits, on the back of a motorcycle! He was a really smol baby and was constantly meowing whenever you picked him up!   He really does love his food and is almost always munching on food and asking for scraps (though I only ever give him boiled chicken or liver as treats!!). He's definately my little baby, and is easily entertained by anything (unlike Indie who gets bored of the same thing VERY quickly). He even sits by the... read more

Indiana Jones!!

Indie (short for Indiana Jones) was found by me on a walk through a park. I actually found him three days before I decided to take him home, but I thought he probably had a Mum who was looking after him and lurking around somewhere. However, on the third day, after still NO sign of his Mum, I took the little tyke home with me and he's been an indoor cat for about two years since!!   When he first came he was awfully skinny and scrawny and could fit on the palm of my hand! I'm guessing he was roughly 1.5months old? Give or take a few weeks. He had TERRIBLE diarrhea too,... read more

Maya and the Big, Scary World

In November of 2012 I met 2 kittens rescued from an abusive owner. The rest of their litter had passed away, as had their mother, and after a long period of recovery they were up for adoption. They were brother and sister, both beautiful longhair kittens with big green eyes you couldn't help but fall into. Panther, the male, was just like any other kitten, jumping around and batting at anything that moved, wrestling and purring and begging for loves like he hadn't been abused through the all-important period where a kitten learns what is safe and what isn't. But his... read more › Cat Pages