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Mr. Peter

👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾 Hi!!!! I adopted Peter on March 23 2016 from the animal shelter in Raleigh NC. He's such a fun, happy and exciting boy. I never had any pets while growing up so this is an different but awesome feeling to have an addition to my home! He makes me happy and keeps me company every second of the day! I absolutely adore the love he bring when I return home from work! Peter is very spoiled and I love it!!! Cassaundra read more


Bear is a male food driven cat, he loves food and a chin rub! We bought him to join us with our new life in the country, he has adapted very well and likes to look out the window and watch the birds and cars. Loves to have snooze on our bed at night. Likes to have a play time from time to time but gets a little stage fright sometimes and stops playing but then gets his confidence up again to have another go. He doesn't like loud noises and gets scared sometimes. He likes to sniff you in the face sometimes when we sleep and sometimes gently paws at you for... read more

Abigail Wendy

  Abby was the second cat to have entered my life during a time of turmoil and despair. Raised in foster homes and as chance (or fate) would have it, in an enclosure at PetCo for adoption through a no-kill facility, I had gone in only to get something for Zoey, and yet was drawn to these kittens...all of them tabbies except for one, who crept around the corner, looked me square in the face, and meowed.   My heart melted into a puddle on the floor right then and there.   It was incredibly difficult for me to move away - here was this little Tortie who was... read more

Zoey Elizabeth

  Zoey came to us in a time of despair for both my wife and I. We were feeling so down, so defeated...everything that was against us seemed to be heading straight at us at full speed, and just a couple of months before, in the pouring down rain, we had to say good-bye to our beautiful black cat. Her kidneys had shut down, and my heart was broken - I had raised her from the tiniest of kittens (she was the runt of the litter) into a positively enormous sleek, golden-eyed beauty. She had been my companion for more years than I had known my wife, traveling with me to... read more

King Cody

We adopted Cody October 2008 . A friend told us about a woman whose cat had kittens , there were 3 to choose from . Cody climbed up on my lap , purred and sat down to watch his brother and sister play . I fell in love .  Cody became king of our home , took over from day one . He likes to chase after cat toy balls with bells in them , bird & squirrel watching , also , chasing his tail ( Still does )  Our first Christmas with him , we couldn't have a tree , he would jump on it and chew on it .  Cody is very Regal , walks like a big cat ( Tiger ) . Loves giving headbops &... read more

Millie & Mollie

(Mollie) (Millie) Location:Sittingbourne,Kent,United Kingdom Where originally from:Broadstairs Relationships:Millie & Mollie=Sisters They were both born on March 14th,2012.They are both British shorthair Russian blues,Mollie is more of my personality shy, and more of a cat that a dosent scratch but she is the one who hisses at Millie.Millie is more of the adventurous one she likes to scratch and bite, her claws hurt more than her teeth!Funny enough, Millie likes to play with water but not get in it sometimes I tease her by holding her over the bathtub when there's... read more


Dolly was born on May 6th, 2010.  She was adopted in July of 2010 from the local animal shelter.  As soon as we got her home, she had already claimed the entire house as her own!  She's very spoiled being the only cat, and loves to beg for food at the dinner table.  She plays fetch and gives love bites constantly, she's almost like a little dog.  Although she's playful and loves to cuddle, never once has she meowed!  Very silent kitty with a loud personality.  She has the brightest green eyes, and little stripes on her head with a white belly.  She's by far the best cat... read more

Honeybee The Ham Feline Adventures

Honeybee is my heart kitty. We got her January 23/24 2013. It was a friend from work. Calls me on Monday telling me about a cat that his friends mom has been feeding. We live in the Northeast and the forecast was calling for a huge snow storm that weekend. I told the bf about it and he said we don't need more cats. Well all day tuesday I kept thinking about a little calico kitty huddling under the bushes crying in fear and cold/hunger. I ask my friend some more questions. Like how old and what happened to the family? He only said she is young and that the owner passed... read more

Frankie aka Buddy, Toothless and SpiderCat

Hello! I'm a handsome black tom cat, who was rescued from a school gutter and given a cozy home. The day I was rescued I was quite frightened and tried to jump off the second story but my new dad grabbed me before I fell. Now I've moved in with him and I cause havoc at the house! I'm one year old and love to vocalize my every opinion.   This was me exploring my new garden for the first time, there was so much to see! And this is me now!   Nicknames; Dad calls me his buddy a lot, but only dad gets to call me that. Him and his friends say I look like toothless... read more


Hi, my name is Lilly. I was born from a kittypet mom: Princess, and a Clan cat from outside. I stayed with my mom and siblings and learned to love the Twolegs and their kits. One day 8 weeks after my birth, they started taking my siblings and giving them to other Twolegs. But I still had my mom and sister, Rosie, my aunts and cousins. Later on I started growing into a beautiful cat, and the Twolegs gave away my aunts and cousins, and all that was left was my mom, Rosie, and my one cousin Ginger. Later on that year they rescued a rouge and turned her into a kittypet. They... read more › Cat Pages