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The Rogue's Memorial Page

please join me in celebrating the Rogue's very crazy, and very short life:   The Rogue was born in May 2013 behind some dumpsters in a back alley in northern California. He was not supposed to be allergic to plastic, or cooked poultry, or eat everything he could get into his mouth and have wood sticks getting stuck there, or have a heart defect. But he did. He loved life. He was, basically, what you got when crossing a piglet, a puppy, and a bobcat with a long tail. Then put loads of long white hair on it, which will come off and stick to virtually everything.... read more

Boomer the Problem Child

            Boomer is my problem child grey tabby.  Him and his brother were left at the pet store I worked at after they tried to sell them to us sick and too young.  He had bad upper respiratory and was on antibiotics on and off from 6 weeks until 5 months old when I took him home.  He had constant on and off loose stools and urinary tract infections until 6 years old when I finally pin pointed his issue of IBD and not severe allergies.  Through this site I realized it wasn't all the proteins he is reacting to but instead he reacts to all the gums and carregnan... read more

Piston the Wonder Cat

Why is he a wonder cat? I wonder what he is thinking when he does some of the things he does. I wonder how I got so lucky? I wonder if he knows how much he is loved and most of all i wonder if he knows how happy he makes me. read more


cruiser is a happy five year old she has a flat orange red top and a white bottom  i got her from through  buffalo humman socity she was there for a long time she sat there i went for a cat in the paper it was gone  and the sat in the cat room the balck one came did not put a deposit down and i wound up getting cruiser it's been three years with her she is 5 years old . read more

Mr. Peter

👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾 Hi!!!! I adopted Peter on March 23 2016 from the animal shelter in Raleigh NC. He's such a fun, happy and exciting boy. I never had any pets while growing up so this is an different but awesome feeling to have an addition to my home! He makes me happy and keeps me company every second of the day! I absolutely adore the love he bring when I return home from work! Peter is very spoiled and I love it!!! Cassaundra read more


Bear is a male food driven cat, he loves food and a chin rub! We bought him to join us with our new life in the country, he has adapted very well and likes to look out the window and watch the birds and cars. Loves to have snooze on our bed at night. Likes to have a play time from time to time but gets a little stage fright sometimes and stops playing but then gets his confidence up again to have another go. He doesn't like loud noises and gets scared sometimes. He likes to sniff you in the face sometimes when we sleep and sometimes gently paws at you for... read more

Abigail Wendy

  Abby was the second cat to have entered my life during a time of turmoil and despair. Raised in foster homes and as chance (or fate) would have it, in an enclosure at PetCo for adoption through a no-kill facility, I had gone in only to get something for Zoey, and yet was drawn to these kittens...all of them tabbies except for one, who crept around the corner, looked me square in the face, and meowed.   My heart melted into a puddle on the floor right then and there.   It was incredibly difficult for me to move away - here was this little Tortie who was... read more

Zoey Elizabeth

  Zoey came to us in a time of despair for both my wife and I. We were feeling so down, so defeated...everything that was against us seemed to be heading straight at us at full speed, and just a couple of months before, in the pouring down rain, we had to say good-bye to our beautiful black cat. Her kidneys had shut down, and my heart was broken - I had raised her from the tiniest of kittens (she was the runt of the litter) into a positively enormous sleek, golden-eyed beauty. She had been my companion for more years than I had known my wife, traveling with me to... read more

King Cody

We adopted Cody October 2008 . A friend told us about a woman whose cat had kittens , there were 3 to choose from . Cody climbed up on my lap , purred and sat down to watch his brother and sister play . I fell in love .  Cody became king of our home , took over from day one . He likes to chase after cat toy balls with bells in them , bird & squirrel watching , also , chasing his tail ( Still does )  Our first Christmas with him , we couldn't have a tree , he would jump on it and chew on it .  Cody is very Regal , walks like a big cat ( Tiger ) . Loves giving headbops &... read more

Millie & Mollie

(Mollie) (Millie) Location:Sittingbourne,Kent,United Kingdom Where originally from:Broadstairs Relationships:Millie & Mollie=Sisters They were both born on March 14th,2012.They are both British shorthair Russian blues,Mollie is more of my personality shy, and more of a cat that a dosent scratch but she is the one who hisses at Millie.Millie is more of the adventurous one she likes to scratch and bite, her claws hurt more than her teeth!Funny enough, Millie likes to play with water but not get in it sometimes I tease her by holding her over the bathtub when there's... read more › Cat Pages