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Sydd the Kid:       read more

Suzy the Rescued Princess :-)

        read more

Snowball (aka Fat Cat)

My gorgeous and cuddly lazy as anything fur baby   Getting ready for a big move with Scaramouche   Cuddle time with sox   Zombie cat ....     read more


Grey tuxedo cuddle monster     Baby Scaramouche       To this day she still loves to hang out near the sink         Loves to hide anywhere :)     She's a hockey fan                 Blanket Gremlin ...   Cuddles with Sox           read more

Sox the Ninja

Mischevious but cute as anything tuxedo of mine     Pinning Snowball ....   Apparently I've been told   Cuddling with Scaramouche       Their favourite blankie ....   Baby Sox loved the fridge ...       Blanket Gremlin ....               Pooped!       You never know where she'll turn up                 read more

Miss Honey

Hi everyone! I'm new to this site. But I want to try to get my kitty's face on the bag of cat food or treats. And I thought this site would be a great place to start! And Miss Honey and I Would appreciate any remarks or comments back. God Bless! -Lena and Miss Honey I will tell you more about our story another day so you can see what makes her so special!   HER STORY:   We lost our dog Slinky, an adorable dachshund 17 years old.. Well she got very sick and had to feed her by hand the last 3 weeks of her life. She ended up getting a horrible seizure at 3 o... read more

after I got my cat declawed...

I really did not want my cat to get declawed.  But, I had to.  I know that it may hurt my cat.  My cat was very un-cuddly;he wasn't a people cat to say.  But after he was declawed he has become much better-- AND he is not in pain. He can still hunt the same as always.  He is very nice know.  So I'm just saying that it's not always so bad, but that DOES NOT make it right.  And for those who tried to help to not get him declawed I'm just saying your help was not wasted.  So thanks for helping me before guys!  I'm happy yhat my cat is even better know too. read more

Fostering A Pregnant Cat

I am interested in fostering a pregnant cat. I have a few questions, though. 1. How long will the cat be staying. 2. How much free time is required to foster. 3. How to make sure the kittens are heathy. 4. What to do when my cat is giving birth. Thanks in advance for answering my questions. 😉 read more

Cassie, Mortimer & Gertrude- siamese-mix cats get FAT!

I was just wondering if anyone else has had issues w/keeping the weight off of Siamese-mix 'aka' lynx-point cats? My senior Cassie was about 10yrs when I adopted her & @20lbs, I feed her rationed Blue Wilderness Grain Free food & have gotten her down to 17lbs. The vet thinks 15lbs is a healthy weight (she's a big kitty), but we've reached this point where she's not gaining...but isn't losing weight either! It's only a 1/4cup of food per day now & I feel like less would be starving her. She's a sassy active kitty too. She plays & climbs & runs around. I guess what I'm... read more


Kitty came from the L.I.F.E. House For Animals when I was, like, 3 or 4 (possibly 5). His original name was Sandy, then we named him Cupcake, then Kiwi, but then just changed it to Kitty. I have to say, he does not talk much. He is so sweet! Quote:     read more › Cat Pages