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Butterscotch, Sweeter than Sugar

My pretty little Butterscotch, AKA Scotch, was a scrawny little stray when we found her. I finally decided that this cat needed help. So, we took the sweet thing home and nursed her back to health, and she's doing Great now! Scotch is the most loving sugar pie I have ever met. From her looks, she looks like a brown tabby to me, but she was a stray so I have no real idea what breed she is. Scotch enjoys 9 lives cat chow and sleeping behind lawn chairs. She also loves sitting on the porch swing with me while I talk to her about life. Scotch ; posing for the camera, a... read more


This is Mars. She's about 3 years old and seems to be a Tabby (I'm not sure honestly as to either, she's a shelter cat!) Mars can be very difficult at times and is known to pee on everything you love. She doesn't really meow, her vocalizations sound more like squeaks if they come out at all. When she purrs, she sounds like a pigeon.  She really loves being pet.  Mars hates cell phones and will headbutt them if she sees you using them.   read more

Hello,here is Mr.White

Good day,everyone. His name is Mr.White,was born in 10th. March 2016,so now is still a kitty . He is a traditional chinese white cat, which be called lion-cat in China.     Mr.White,3.5months old:   And here are some families'photoes: His mom:    his mom 5 months old: Mr.Whits's mom when 1 month old:   His Mom and Dad:  about 7.5kg each one ^^     And one of his sisters,don't know why have tabby color-,-   :         More photoes of Mr.White: 3.5months old, 2.5kg, length:... read more


This is Cupcake. She likes to play with her toys in the morning, cuddle and sleep in the afternoon, and dash around madly at night. She also loves chicken to eat. She has 2 chicken "sisters" but they haven't met yet. And a fish "brother." She has learned how to climb stairs, and how to climb my blankets to get on the bed. When I see her on the middle of the stairs, she stares at me and runs down. Here are some more recent pictures. Smirking cos she stole my chair She's grown so much! read more

Commander Sam Axe

A month ago I was taking my turtle outside to enjoy his pond when I noticed my dogs sniffing around the barrier between the two sheds and digging at it. I shooshed them away because we have had at least one skunk, several lizards and possibly rats in our backyard (which is privacy fenced and apparently skunks can climb I never knew that.) I kept looking back there since they were so adamant on getting to whatever it was but I saw nothing. Finally the last time I moved the barrier a little and leaned way over to see the tops of two pointy ears. Moving it all the way I saw... read more

Neon, the sweetest cat on earth

I got him from the SPCA, he was surrendered by his owners, along with his brother Lights   He is very kind, patient, and energetic   He's one of those once in a lifetime cats         read more


Sydd the Kid:       read more

Suzy the Rescued Princess :-)

        read more

Snowball (aka Fat Cat)

My gorgeous and cuddly lazy as anything fur baby   Getting ready for a big move with Scaramouche   Cuddle time with sox   Zombie cat ....     read more


Grey tuxedo cuddle monster     Baby Scaramouche       To this day she still loves to hang out near the sink         Loves to hide anywhere :)     She's a hockey fan                 Blanket Gremlin ...   Cuddles with Sox           read more › Cat Pages