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Miss Rose--the Sphinx of Egypt

Just practicing posting pics of Rose on the Cat Site and with new computer.  More to come and thanks for the forum  I love showing her off.     Her fetish with the printer!! read more

Kyran - Rainbow Kitty

Page in construction, check back often!   Kyran was a red tabby male cat. His birth date was estimated to be May 2005. I decided that May 1rst was his birthday.   Meeting Kyran : In July 2005, I was going to turn 20. I asked my mom if I could get a cat. But not any cat. A red cat. Just because. I was working and studying while living with my mom, so all of the cat's expenses were going to be paid by me. She didn't answer right away, so I knew I was going to have to wait until my B-Day to have my answer.   On July 27Th 2005, she made me get in the car, and put on... read more

Beatrix the Bean

Beatrix was taken from an unsafe home as a kitten in March 2016. I wanted to adopt her as soon as I saw her. She was about 2-3 months old and quite timid at first. It took a few weeks for her to finally be okay with me and her surroundings, she mostly hung-out under my bed or behind my bookshelf (which she could fit well surprisingly!). I instantly started spoiling her with toys!  After being around for more than 2 months, I can say that the cat-community is very supportive and friendly to everyone! It's a great way to get quick advice or just make... read more

princess Alice

we bought Alice from our local petshop..she was 2 months and a half she got seperated from her mother realy early! whitch is kind of sad ,,but she played with her siblings and other kittens ...when I saw her it was what you would call "love at first sight!"..she was VERY social from the first day!! now its only 2 months since I brought her home and I cant imagine life without her!!!           this is my baby Alice..I love taking pictures of her.. what do you think?? shes a persian mix (british persian) when she went to the vet he said that she... read more

Jack, the shaded golden Persian

Jack (GP RW Posiepurrs Jacaranda)  was born here, right behind my bed, the last of a litter of three. He was the only golden in the litter. He is in the center of this photo. He seemed special from the beginning. As he grew I became more excited about him. Since I show my cats, I thought he would be a winner in the ring. At about 5 months I took him to his first show. Major disappointment! One judge, who breeds National winning Persians, questioned his color - I was crushed! This is Jack at his first show. I took Jack home, tried to adjust to the fact that the cat... read more

Chestnut With Fur Of Gold

Hello everyone, this is Chestnut, a 5 month old female ginger tabby. Her nickname is Chessie, and has soft fur like gold. She loves to run about in the morning and evening, and then shacks out in the afternoon... only to wake up and eat lunch. She might seem fierce at first glance, but if she's familiar with you, she's very affectionate. Say hi to Chestnut VVVV Chestnut when she first arrived Chestnut sleeping so soundly Say hello to your new boss... I'm upside down! "Sleep Swimmer" read more

Butterscotch, Sweeter than Sugar

My pretty little Butterscotch, AKA Scotch, was a scrawny little stray when we found her. I finally decided that this cat needed help. So, we took the sweet thing home and nursed her back to health, and she's doing Great now! Scotch is the most loving sugar pie I have ever met. From her looks, she looks like a brown tabby to me, but she was a stray so I have no real idea what breed she is. Scotch enjoys 9 lives cat chow and sleeping behind lawn chairs. She also loves sitting on the porch swing with me while I talk to her about life. Scotch ; posing for the camera, a... read more


This is Mars. She's about 3 years old and seems to be a Tabby (I'm not sure honestly as to either, she's a shelter cat!) Mars can be very difficult at times and is known to pee on everything you love. She doesn't really meow, her vocalizations sound more like squeaks if they come out at all. When she purrs, she sounds like a pigeon.  She really loves being pet.  Mars hates cell phones and will headbutt them if she sees you using them.   read more

Hello,here is Mr.White

Good day,everyone. His name is Mr.White,was born in 10th. March 2016,so now is still a kitty . He is a traditional chinese white cat, which be called lion-cat in China.     Mr.White,3.5months old:   And here are some families'photoes: His mom:    his mom 5 months old: Mr.Whits's mom when 1 month old:   His Mom and Dad:  about 7.5kg each one ^^     And one of his sisters,don't know why have tabby color-,-   :         More photoes of Mr.White: 3.5months old, 2.5kg, length:... read more


This is Cupcake. She likes to play with her toys in the morning, cuddle and sleep in the afternoon, and dash around madly at night. She also loves chicken to eat. She has 2 chicken "sisters" but they haven't met yet. And a fish "brother." She has learned how to climb stairs, and how to climb my blankets to get on the bed. When I see her on the middle of the stairs, she stares at me and runs down. Here are some more recent pictures. Smirking cos she stole my chair She's grown so much! read more › Cat Pages