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Izzy, my fluffy little weirdo

Izzy   Izzy is a female black domestic short haired cat, with a little spot of white on her chest. She was born in April 2015, she showed up in my garden as a kitten, along with her two sisters, Mittens and Amber. She was the first one I found, she came right up to my front door and meowed, when I opened the door she walked right in.   I have no idea where the name Izzy came from, my kid named her. Izzy's nicknames are Izzers, Izzababes, Izzy Wizzy Woo, Izzles, Woo and Izz. Izzy is short for Isabelle, but that isn't used very often.   Izzy likes everything,... read more

Socks the Sausage Cat

Socks   Socks is a female grey/blue tuxedo domestic short haired cat. She was born in December 2012, and came to us as a stray at 7 months old. She was originally shared between me and my friend/next door neighbour Amanda, but when I moved I took Socks with me, as I didn't have a cat that was only mine, but Amanda had four.   Socks was going to be called Sweets, which is the name my kid used when she was a stray, but we decided to name her Socks because of her white paws. Socks has many nicknames-Sausage Roll, Sausage Cat, Socksy, Socks-Baby, Squash-Cat, Sockies,... read more

a Prayer Answered

​Ma says I'm her soul kitty. She likes goatees on her men so I'm lucky in that respect! One of the favorite things we do together is watch documentaries on TV. My favorite is The White Lions. When I don't understand something I look at her and she explains it all to me. Glad I'm a house cat! I get confused sometimes and want to play like dogs do, so I had to teach ma how to play fetch! My favorite toys are paper balls, anything crinkly, beer bottle tops, plastic easter eggs, and rubber bracelets. I respect and am interested in all life. Nothing escapes my attention,... read more

Our kitty Ninja

Got our kitty yesterday (11/05/2016) from a local classified ad. The previous owner said he is 5 months but we believe he may be closer to a year. We believe he may be a Nebelung and from internet sources they say they can get big, so maybe he is just big for his age. Love him already. He is super playful. Likes to lounge too   Here are photos so you can see what he looks like. Sorry for the quality of the photos, taken with an iPhone 6 Plus.           read more

In Memory of Shadow

On August 24th Shadow left home (for some unknown reason) I searched hill and dale for her but could not find her. I put the word out around the little town I live in and several friends and neighbours caught site of her. I followed every lead and everyone around for miles heard me hollering and pleading with her to come home. It was apparent that she was hiding out just outside of town close to the local high school and was even seen just past it where there is a small little cemetery. I parked there every night and day as much as I could hoping to catch site of her.... read more

Talia is Savage

So, as things normally are, Talia is sleeping next to me as I use the computer. She is on another chair I pulled up and set a cat bed on so my companion could stay near me. When I go to the bathroom, I return to see this...   read more

My Adventures in Fostering.

I began fostering August 7, 2016 with a momma cat and her 4 babies. One of the babies was really sick and didn't make it. I kept the momma with the other 3 for another four weeks to make sure they were strong enough and weaned. Then I had the babies until yesterday. I am so sad that they are gone but I hope and pray that they will find forever homes with people who love them as much as I do. I wanted to make this page for all my foster babies, large and small, because this will help me remember them after they leave my home for their future homes.       This is Nellie.... read more

Meet Espa the hunter!

This little kitty is named Espa, and she's a fully indoor cat (I don't trust the outdoors because of cars and dogs). She was born on April 3rd of 2016, so as of 10/2/2016, she's 26 weeks of age. She's the first ever kitty that I've owned, so I may have quite a few questions to ask! I hope I won't be too much trouble, I just want to make sure she's as healthy as ever!   Her story: It was earlier this year, my last year in High School, when my mom broke the news to me that we weren't able to afford to take the promised Senior trip to Florida. We had landed on some... read more

Interior door prop for cats

We recently purchased a product called The Door Buddy that holds your door slightly open allowing cats in while keeping dogs out. Just wanted to write this to give others who have the problem of keeping dogs out of the cat's litter box that this is a great solution you might want to check out.  Anyways hopes this helps!         read more

Ruby the Angora

Ruby at the animal shelter the day that we adopted her Me and Ruby as of yesterday   Bad quality, but this is a picture of Ruby in  the middle of sitting down in her kitty base camp.     My mom and I went to the animal shelter just to look. We went into all the cat rooms, and went to every cat cage. The last room that we went in had 6 cats. One of them was sitting on a little bed on a bench. We went over and started petting her. My mom kept saying things about how cute and sweet she was, and about how her breed doesnt shed that much, and that she was a... read more › Cat Pages