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Jay Alan Gatsby

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River I. Qureshi

Sex: Male D.O.B: 14th October 2014   This is River. I adopted him off my friend after she was going to adopt a service dog, and wasn't able to keep both pets. She knew I was intending on getting a cat, so she offered to let me have him. Apparently on their way to adopt him from his mother's owner, they stopped at a pub opposite a River Island, and apparently they decided then and there to name him River - so basically River is named after the shop! This was River about two years ago. As much as I love River now, it kills me that I never got to know the cute... read more

In Loving Memory

    Paddington 1989 - 2004   Paddington the Persian was my first cat.  He was five years old when my family adopted him.  My little brother had wanted another pet after his mouse had died.  My dad had said no to a dog, so a cat was the next choice.  I was fourteen and hadn’t really thought about having a cat before.   There was a lot of talk about adopting a cat, but nothing really seemed to be happening until one day when my brother, sister and I came home from school and were told to go look in the basement.  And there, hiding under a table was this beautiful... read more

4 at once

I will start out by saying I am not a cat person. Of all animals I have had cats have been the least enjoyable. I have a small hobby farm . Well I had. Due to recent sever nerve issues in my right hand which is my dominant hand I can not longer do the farm chores. So my 60 rabbits most for kids who do 4H were sold my 6 goats each who had their own personality to which I loved dearly were sold that took a while as they had to all go together and I did a home visit , yes I know crazy. My two male Alpacas who were rescues and now after 2 year I had to re home them that... read more

Susie - Saving Each Other

Before Susie, we had never owned a cat before. Never. Both my husband and I grew up in homes with dogs, and although we both love dogs, he really wanted to experience owning a cat.   Little did we know that Susie would come to own us.   To start the story off, I'll be completely honest in saying I never wanted a cat. Ever. I wasn't a cat person. But we cannot own dogs in the place we are, so I did what most wives eventually end up doing when your manchild won't drop something. I gave in. Of course I presented him with a list of things that he would have to do.... read more


  Pecan is just a leetle kitten. She is a longfurred orange tabby with olive green eyes. I'll get a picture up as soon as I can. She got her name because of how we found her. My brother and my grandparents were picking pecans, when my brother heard a tiny meow. He looked up, and there was a tiny orange kitten stuck in a pecan tree. He had to call our parents to bring a ladder. The kitten was only a month old, and she would have frozen to death during the night. Now, though, Pecan is living the good life. read more

Binx, who bounces off the walls

Before Binx came to live with me, he lived in a colony with a number of other feral cats in the parking lot behind my friend's apartment building. When my friend noticed a number of kittens in the colony, she inquired about what she should do to help them, and she became involved in the TNR program in our area, and borrowed a humane trap so she could get the colony neutered and vaccinated.  She didn't expect to find homes for the kittens she trapped, but she posted on some local facebook pages hoping to find people interested in taking them in.  I watched as she adopted... read more

My cat family

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Nero, the King

  Nero was born in January 1999 and belonged to my husband. He was a mixed outside-indoor cat, depending on where they lived. When I moved in with my bunch he became an indoor cat.   Kitten foto I found   Lovely face   And sometimes not so lovely   He was also great with the kittens in 2011       In 2012 I noticed he was very thin and he kept peeing everywhere.   We took him to the vet and had his blood tested. He had acute kidney failure. Wanting to give him every chance he had, we took him home with a fluid drip, which we hung up to... read more

Peaches, the matriarch

Peaches was born in August 2004. She lived with my sister until I moved in 2006 and she, together with her niece, Mischa, and nephew, Beau, was given to me as a housewarming gift, seeing as I desperately wanted cats again.   Peaches is often called the fat one or Fatso as she's grown quite large in the last years. Even though I keep her on a diet she is still very rotund.     In 2007 she had a litter of 4, 2 boys, 2 girls. The boys were re-homed but the girls hung around. She, her daughters and Mischa were fixed that Christmas.   Peaches loves everyone... read more › Cat Pages