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Cat Grooming

Why You Should Regularly Groom Your Cat

Bathing Your Cat - A Battle of Wills?

Bathing Small Kittens - Tips that Can Save a Kitten's Life

Grooming Your Cat's Coat

Brushing Your Cat's Teeth


Litter, Litterboxes and... out of them

Choosing the Right Cat Litter

How to Minimize Litterbox Odor

How Often Should I Clean the Litter Box?

When and How to Switch to a New Type of Litter

Litter Box Maintenance

How To Remove Cat Urine

Combat Cat Urine

Litter Box Location Secrets

Claw Care and Declawing Issues

How to Best Take Care of Cat Claws

Declawing - Post-Surgery Care and Complications

Why Cats Should NOT Be Declawed

Declawing - More than Just a Manicure

Declawing and Alternatives

A Personal Look At Declawing

Cat Care - Miscellaneous

Disaster Preparation for Cat Owners

Keeping a Cat Safe Outdoors

Take Special Care of Your Cat on Halloween

Cats and Christmas - Tips For Cat Owners

Cats and Christmas Trees

Home Sweet Home - Forever

A Pet Owner's Guide To Pet Sitters

Traveling with Cats

Road Tripping with Cats

Kittens Bonding with Humans

Cats and the Zen of Remodeling


Caring for Feral and Strays

stray cats and feral cats

Handling Feral Cats

Saving Feral Cats

The ABC of TNR


Cats and Other Animals

cats and other animals

How to Keep the Dog Out of the Cat’s Food and Vice Versa

Best and Worst Dog Breeds to Live with Cats

Cats and Small Furries

Raising Cats & Birds In The Same House

Cats and Pet Reptiles

Cat Care Routines

Spay and Neuter Your Cats

Must-Know Tips for Feeding Cats in a Multi-Cat Household

Cats and Hairballs

The Dreaded Cat Carrier

Harness and Leash Training for Cats

Save Your Cat's Life with Proper Identification

Cat Grass

Cat Collars Safety Guide

The Multi-Cat Household

Must-Know Tips for Feeding Cats in a Multi-Cat Household

Care of Cats - The Responsible Way

Keeping Cats Cool

Cat Boarding Guide

Your Cat's Environment

Beating Boredom - What Indoor Cat Owners Need to Know

Keeping a Cat Safe Outdoors

The Cat Flap or Door

Caring for Cats and Dogs

Building a Cat Enclosure

Cats and Hidden Dangers In the Home

Household Chemicals and Your Pets

Cat Enclosures

Making Your Home and Garden Safe For Your Cat

Cat Safety Tips

Special Needs Cat Care

The Deaf Cat

Blind Cats

Senior Cats for Seniors

Why You Should Adopt a Senior Cat


Adopting a Cat and Finding Homes

Adopting a Stray Cat

How much does it cost to adopt a shelter cat?

Where to Find a Kitten

Hand Rearing Kittens

Bringing Home a New Cat

Kittens To Good Homes

Kittens For Sale


Saying Goodbye

When Is It Time? - Making The Difficult Decision

Love To The Max

When It's Time To Say Goodbye


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Be kind to your cat's behinds! Dirty Cat Butts Prevention and Treatment

Keeping Feral Cats Safe During Winter Months

Treats - Kitty is an Addict!

How Many Litterboxes Should You Have?

Tear Stains in Cats

How Long Can a Cat be Left Alone?

What’s the Ideal Temperature for a Cat?

Cats and Pet Reptiles

Raising Cats & Birds In The Same House

Cats and Small Furries

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