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Top Selling Cat Toys

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Cat toys are here to provide your cat with proper stimulation. They encourage your cat to preform well needed excerise, both physical and mental. And, hey, it's sheer fun for us humans to watch too, as kitty goes crazy over that wand, ball or toy mouse.

Here are the top five selling cat toys, according to -

dabird cat toyDa Bird Interactive Feather Cat Toy (original 36" rod) - This is the best selling cat toy on and for good reason! Set on a swivel, its feathers look, sound, and feel like real bird wings. Most cats find this action irresistible and jump after the feathers in a frenzy - great for excercise and fun. Go Cat makes 2 types of Da Bird. The ORIGINAL Da Bird is a single pole that is 36 inches long. They also make a version that has a pull apart pole (it is actually 2 18 inch poles that connect on the ends) so it can be easily stored and/or mailed. Both offer your cat great fun! The single pole version has its own advantage - if your cat jumps high enough and grabs the feathers with force, it won't pull the poles apart.

laser cat toyMews Ments 5-in-1 Laser Pet Toy and Exerciser - Most cats, though not all, go bonkers over a small laser image running across floors and walls. Mews Ments brings you a compact yet very effective laser pen, equipped with five different images for your pet to chase including smiley face, star, mouse, dot, and butterfly. Great exercise for your pet and on a handy Keyring, which means you can rest in your armchair, fully equipped for a few minutes of kitty playtime.

mice cat toyFur Mice - 12 pack - The good old fur mice keep their place as one of the all time favorite cat toy. This pack of a dozen furry mice in white and gray makes for an inexpensive toy, a good thing, considering your cat is likely to destroy them with use. This brand is reported to be more durable than similar toys, but even then, it is not likely that one of these furry mice will last for more than a couple of weeks. To keep kitty excited about her fur mouse, just take it away at the end of every play session, preferably tucking it away in a toy box sprinkled with some catnip. Next time the mouse comes out, it will be as appealing as a brand new cat toy.

turbo cat scratcherBlitz 70128 Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy Happy customers are ecstatic about this product, which doubles as a scratching post and toy in one. Its corrugated cardboard scratching surface is extremely appealing to cats, and moving over it, in an effort to catch the ball, means they are likely to get the urge to do some scratching. Catnip is included and for some felines, it can make the scratching surface iresistable. As a cat toy, this one deserves a medal. The ball is always within reach (no need for you to send out search and rescue missions behind the TV cabinet anymore!) and always there to get kitty chasing happily. The Turbo Sctacher cat toy measures approximately 15 by 15 by 3 inches, and replacement scratch pads are available separately.

turbo cat scratcherPeek-A-Prize - Cats, and kittens in particular, just love this "hunting ground". A nice smooth box with holes in it, where you can hide a selection of balls and furry mice (see above), to let kitty fish them out... a brilliant idea and well carried out by this company. The finish is nice and smooth, and this rather large toy will look good, even in your living room.

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