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Hello everyone!

I'm new this website and wanted to introduce myself and my kitty :)

My name is Becky and my tuxedo kitty is Timmy and we're from Daytona Beach FL!!


I found Timmy in my backyard back in 2007! He was just a teeny tiny kitten, shown in a picture below. For a week, we thought that he was actually a female cat and was originally name "Sandy". When we took him to the vet to get shots and a checkup about about a week later, they told us that he is actually a boy! 

This will sound silly, but I came up with the name Timmy after the character Timmy Turner from the "Fairly Odd Parents" (I was 12 when I found him, still watching kid shows haha). The story of Timmy Turner was that when he was born, his parents thought he was a girl and bought him all pink stuff. Well, as it turned out, he ended up being a boy. I thought it was cute and fit my cat perfectly.


For the first few years we had him, he was so attached to my sister. However, about 4 years ago, my sister moved out. He cried all throughout the house for the next few days. After that, he ended up being attached to me. Now, when I go to sleep, he follows me into my room and curls up right next to me all night long. 

He is so sweet and when I'm sad or having a panic attack, I think he can sense it because he gets extra cuddly and meows at me as if he's concerned. He really is always there for me. I guess you can say he is my soul cat haha. 


I can't believe he will be 10 years old this September!!! He still acts like he's young and I think it looks as if he hasn't aged!! I love this kitty with all my heart :heart3:



TImmy as a kitten (2007)










2016 He really loves boxes



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Wow, I think that is so neat how Timmy got his name!  At first I saw that adorable picture of him as a kitten, then I scrolled to see a very handsome, sweet cat!  Welcome to you and Timmy to the cat site!  I really hope to hear and see so much more of both of you in the forums!  I agree that cats can sense if you are not feeling well.  I was sick in bed for one whole week and my Speedy stayed extra close to me all week! She did not leave my side. Thanks for the great photos, too!  The last picture is especially handsome.
He looks so majestic!!
Gasp! You have a box cat too! Lol I have two! And we are moving so we have to pack and of course boxes are involved and my cats could not control themselves. Jump to one to another box
Thank you all so much!!
Kawaii kitty: Timmy LOVES boxes! That's awesome you have two that love them too!!
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