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Tigger / Tiggerino











Name: Tigger, nicknamed Tiggerino


Sex: Desexed Male


Is this a Memorial Page? Nope !


Year of Birth: 2013


Breed: Domestic Shorthair


Fur Color: Ginger & White with Stripes


Eye Color: Green & Yellow 


Arrival Story: Tigger's original shelter name was 'Edward', he was abandoned by his mother, who was most likely a stray and taken to the RSPCA with his brother then transferred to an adoption cattery. I visited the cattery in hopes of finding a kitten I could adopt, then as soon as I saw him I immediately fell in love ! He was only two months old, tiny, and locked up in a tiny cage with the other kitten, without any toys or room to roam. I was very keen on rescuing him so the next day I went over and picked him up from the cat rescue centre. I paid $200 for him, but the cutie was worth it ! At first he was very timid, shy and aggrivated. But soon he learned to love his home, and everyone loves Tigger too ! He's blossomed now into an adorable, playful, bubbly, five month old. 


Biography: Tigger was just 2 months when I, being 13 years old, adopted him from the cramped rescue cattery. He loves his new home, but recently he  has just sustained an injury on his leg, We're trying to heal it and hopefully Tigger continues to be the cute little kitten he always is :)

Favourite Food & Treats: Canned Tuna in Springwater, & Purina Friskies Kitten ! 


Favourite Toys: His fluffy fishing rod with a bell on top of it.

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H's adorable. And you're wonderful to give this cutie a home.
A long and wonderful time to you both :) › Cat Pages › Tigger Tiggerino