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The Cat Galleries - A Friendly User Guide

Do you have pictures of your cat that you wish to share with the world? We have the purrfect place for that! The Cat Galleries section! If you've never added your cat's picture to the gallery, here are some tips to get you going -

What is the Cat Galleries section?

The Cat Galleries is a section of dedicated to photos uploaded by site users.
The photos are organized in albums -

Thread/Article Albums -
These albums are collections of photos which were uploaded to specific forum threads. They are generated automatically as members upload images to threads, articles and Cat Pages.

Community Albums -

Only site admins can start a Community Album, but every member can contribute photos as long as they are relevant to the album theme. 


Member Albums -

Any member can create such an album and fill it up with photos of their choice.


What kind of photos can I upload?


Whenever you upload a photo you agree to the terms of use which prohibit you from uploading copyrighted or offensive material. 


If you upload a photo to one of the Community Albums, the photos need to be related to the theme of the album. For example, if you want to share a photo of your white cat, you can upload it to the White Cats Community Album. If you make a mistake and say, put a photo of a black cat in the White Cats Community Album, the gallery elves may move it to the appropriate Community Album. You can choose the correct album for your photos in the drop-down menu-




If you're uploading a photo to your own Member Album, you can upload any photos as long as they meet our community standards. You can create an album sharing photos from a recent trip, or an album for your dogs, your crafts or anything else you'd like to share with other members.


Keep in mind that we are an international family-friendly community and avoid uploading photos which may be disturbing or disrespectful to other community members. 

What's the difference between a Member Album and a Community Album?


Community albums are the ones created by the site admins. Community Albums are arranged by topics such as "Cat Close-Ups" and "Bicolor Cats". The purpose of these albums is to bring together quality photos of the same theme by various members. We welcome contributions to these albums, so if you have a really good picture that's a good fit for one of our community albums, please do upload it!


See all of the TCS Community Albums here


Member Albums are created by members. Each member controls his or her albums, adding and deleting images. The topics vary, or some albums may have no topics.


See all of the TCS Member Albums

How can I add images to an existing album?


If you wish to add photos to an existing album - 


  1. Find the album you wish to add photos to.
    a. If it's an album you had created, you can find it through your profile page under "Photos" or by clicking on "All Your Photos" on the main Galleries page -

    b. Alternatively, you can add photos to one of the Community Albums (make sure your photos fit the theme!)

  2. Click the "Add Photos" button. This should open up the folders on your computer.

  3. After navigating to the folder of your choice, thumbnails of images there will appear. Select an image. You can select multiple images by holding down the Shift key while selecting.

  4. When you have made your selection, click "Upload".

  5. You will then be able to add a title and a description for your photo. The more information you provide about the image, the easier will it be for other members to find it. Mentioning the cat's name is always nice.​


What's the difference between an album and a photoset?


Once you upload a photo to an album, it is assigned to a photoset. A photoset is a sub-group of photos within the album. This is particularly useful in Community Albums because users can conveniently see only one thumbnail for a photoset, allowing them to review submissions by multiple users and then decide which ones they wish to explore further.


When you upload several photos together they will be grouped into a photoset. If you add more photos to that album, you will be asked if you wish to add them to your existing photosets or create a new photoset. If the photos have common features, it's best to keep them in the same photoset.


How can I create a New Image Album?

Look for the "Upload Photos" button (unrelated to a specific album). You can find it in two places -

Either visit the Gallery section and the "Upload Photos" button should be in the upper right corner of your screen:



2. Or go to your profile page and scroll down to your photo section. You'll find an Upload Photos button there as well.

3. Clicking this will bring up the following screen - 

3. Choose  "Personal" for Album Type. Once you check the "Personal" option, the form changes and allows you to choose from your existing albums (assuming you may want to just add images to them), or create a new album -

(Note - you will almost always see a "Default" album and an "Avatars" album under your personal albums. The first holds the images you uploaded to threads, and the second has your forum avatar or avatars).


4. Choosing the "Create a new album" option generates a pop-up where you can enter a title and description for your new album. Once submitted, this album now appears in the drop-down menu, along with your default and avatars albums. Please leave your albums placed under the "Member Albums" category. 


5. That's it! Now upload your photos and submit them! As with adding photos to any existing album, you'll be asked to provide titles and descriptions for each photo.


How can I edit images in an album?

  1. When viewing the album, click the "Edit Photos" tab.


  2. The photos in your album will load, displaying a "Delete" check box along with fields to edit the image name or the description, and a button to select the image to make it the album cover.

  3. When you have made your desired changes, click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the album.

* Please note you cannot set an album cover for the Default Album.


How can I edit an album's details?

  1. When viewing the album, click the "Edit Album" button.


  2. From here, you can change the name of your album or change its description.

* Please note you cannot change the album details for the Default album.


How can I re-order images in my albums?

  1. When viewing the album, click the "Reorder Photos" button.

  2. From here you will see a listing of your albums as well as the images in the currently selected album. Drag and drop photos to rearrange them. You can also move photos to a different album by dropping an image into one of the albums listed on the left.


How can I delete an album?

  1. When viewing the album, click the "Edit Album" button.


  2. From here, you can delete the album using the "Delete Album" link -


* You cannot delete the Default Album.




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