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River I. Qureshi

Sex: Male

D.O.B: 14th October 2014


This is River. I adopted him off my friend after she was going to adopt a service dog, and wasn't able to keep both pets. She knew I was intending on getting a cat, so she offered to let me have him. Apparently on their way to adopt him from his mother's owner, they stopped at a pub opposite a River Island, and apparently they decided then and there to name him River - so basically River is named after the shop!

This was River about two years ago. As much as I love River now, it kills me that I never got to know the cute bundle of fur that was baby River :'(




His temperament is very timid. When I first had him he spent a lot of time under the bed, but in the couple of months I've owned him he's now progressed to running down the stairs to meet me when I come home. Despite this he'll always scamper back there if he hears someone knocking on the door. He hates being held, but on a good day he'll sit on your lap and let you stroke him. He will, however, on a more than daily basis snuggle up on you if you're lying down and purr on you chest or neck, as well as grooming your neck.


River's favourite past time is to stare out of windows, especially if there are birds about. 




He doesn't really play with many of his toys. If he's in the mood he'll play with either his cat wands or my arm, other than that he'll go after treat balls and anything else I hide treats in. 


Including this hilarious moment where I hid treats in a cereal box, and he got his head trapped




His sleeping spots are either:

 In his cat cave


 My chair




 My bed


 The wardrobe always looks comfy





 He also used to adorably curl up on his cushion next to my desk but apparently he's abandoned it now (I've read cats like to rotate their sleeping places, but he's seemed to have completely abandoned this cushion in favour of his other sleeping places - any idea why? Should I move this onto a windowsill seeing as he likes them so much).


He never really climbs his cat tree but he will occasionally strut the railing



He prefers to drink from running tap water, and so will go to the bathroom and mew until I turn it on for him (and everytime he hears me going to the bathroom, he'll run and be there before me)




When he's not doing all this, River likes to act older than he is and pull big moody faces:


And that's River Island Qureshi! 















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