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Quiz: Which Famous Cat Lover Are You?

Many famous people - past and present - are or were avid fans of felines. Take this quiz to find out which one of them you resemble the most and let us know in the comment section below! :bigthumb:


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Marie Antoinette:
You're majestically chic and sophisticated with a great taste in just about everything, including pets! Just like Marie Antoinette who included felines in the her privileged life. Ooo la la!
Result: Eva Longoria (I adored her on Desperate Housewives) loved that show.
Elegant, sexy and suave. Purrfectly matched for cats. We think you could be on the list of Hollywood's Cat Lovers too, just like Eva Longoria!
Florence Nightingale
Ha!  I'm John Lennon.
I got Mark Twain.  I could definitely have done worse than that.
I would love Mark Twain, but I am satisfied with Sir Isaac Newton!
Marie Antoinette Queen of France  ~ Off with her head!
Looks like I'm to nurse everybody in my life. Oh well as long as there is a cat I don't mind.
Goodness gracious me.. I'm Isaac Newton!
Another John Lennon. Not a bad cat lover!
Isaac Newton! "You're logical and knowledgeable but just like famous physicist Isaac Newton, you certainly also have a soft spot for kitties!"

Score :D
I am Katy Perry, thats good I love her music and I love just about any cat I have met.....cats are pretty wonderful!
Isaac Newton. Perfect.
Sweet! John Lennon :D. I have to wonder if Glenn Danzig was anywhere in this lineup...
Ernest Hemingway :D
'Tough and no-nonsense on the outside but bring a kitten into the room and you melt. That's you.'
T.S. Eliot here!  "Solid, smart and with a taste for European culture!" :-) › Cat Snips Articles › Quiz Which Famous Cat Lover Are You