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my beautiful jess

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Name: jess


Sex: female


Is this a Memorial Page? no


Year of Birth:  2012




Fur Color:  tortoise shell 


Eye Color: blue 



jess came to us after our last cat bluebell had to be put to sleep 

after a car hit her,jess is a very fiesty cat and will only have cuddles when she wants them which is normaly last thing at  night but since becoming pregnant she is loving her cuddles 

Arrival Story:

the first day we bought jess home she walked in like she owened the place lol and its still 

like tha now she is evan the boss of my 2 dogs 

Favorite Food & Treats;


whiskers food and biscuits 

Favorite Toys: she likes her big scrtch post with toys tha dangel off them 



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