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Missy's Whiskers - Picture Of the Week #1608

Meet Missy and her magnificent whiskers! I found this beautiful photo in our Cat Care & Grooming forum of all places, where one of our members asked whether a cat's long whiskers needed trimming.

In case you're wondering, the answer is no. There is absolutely no need to trim or shorten a cat's whiskers. To make that point, several members contributed photos of their "highly whiskered" kitties. One of those members was @Mama Africa who submitted this awesome photo of blue-eyed Missy!

Definitely one of the prettiest photos uploaded to the site this week, don't you think?

Comments (5)

Love those whiskers. She's beautiful!
lovely! Honeybee has long whiskers too but not that long! And they aid them in walking in the dark-they are their feelers-sometimes cats with long whiskers have a hard time with eating and having whiskers touch the bowl. we try to use wide lipped bowls.
Gorgeous.  Those eyes are stunning.
She IS gorgeous!  And NEVER trim a cat's whiskers or mess with them in any way.  Cats need them for navigating in the dark and in small spaces.  Cats are born with everything they need, and altering them in any way other than spay/neuter is wrong, unless a cat is injured and needs operation of other kind to maintain health. › Blog Posts › Missys Whiskers Picture Of The Week 1608