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Marco needs a forever home - Picture of the Week #1606

Meet Marco, the formerly feral kitten that will melt your heart -

This stunning photo was uploaded by our member @gmm80 to the Cat Close-Ups album. She's the fortunate foster of this adorable boy and his siblings. They were all trapped with their feral momma only last month. Marco's mother is entirely feral, so she's been spayed and will be re-homed as a barn cat when the weather gets warmer. Marco, his brother and sister are being fostered by @gmm80 and we wish them the best of luck in finding the best possible forever homes!


I'm so glad little Marco is in a safe, warm and dry home right now. If you'd like to help feral kittens and cats in your area  like @gmm80 does, you can start by reading this guide:  9 Practical Ways For You To Help Feral Cats  


Have a terrific weekend, everyone!


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Marco is so handsome!  Very glad he is in a loving foster home and hope his mom knows of her area rescues/sanctuaries.  If not, she can access them by using facebook's searchbox and inputting "" and then choosing her state and local area from the dropdown menu and looking up/contacting the various rescues.  Hopefully this still works, as I have had my account changed to a Page by fb and can no longer access this feature. 
He melts my heart.  Such a little precious one.  My hat is off to you "gmm80" for all you're doing for the ferals in your area.  You inspire me!  Have any more pictures of this lad and his siblings to show?  Thanks in advance.
Hi folks,
I am Marco's foster mom and I actually work for a local rescue. (  Marco is one of 16 kittens I am currently fostering. We usually get a bit of a winter break from kittens, but that didn't seem to happen this year, even with our heavy snows and frigid temps here in Washington state. Marco and his siblings were living underneath a concrete porch of a house that had previously housed a retail business, but was currently unoccupied. There's a photo of the "front door" to their home in the photo album. It was around 15° the week that I trapped them and their mother. I also trapped a male that was originally believed to be their father, but I've been told his coloring wouldn't have resulted in calico offspring. But in any case, he's been neutered and has been adopted to a wonderful new home.
I don't see a way to add pics here, so here's a link to their album.
Where are you located ? I know someone in Mahopac N.Y. that might adopt
@CamilleL Your friend in Mahopac might want to check in with Joan at the Westchester-Bronx Cat Coalition. They are a local rescue in our area (I am from Westchester too) that conducts adoption days in partnership with Port Chester PetSmart, and they have lots of cats. Isn't there an SPCA office there too? Or maybe I'm thinking of Croton. Either way, there are lots of good rescues here in Westchester.
I'm located in Spokane, WA, not too convenient for a N.Y. adopter. I don't think I'll have any problem getting him adopted. He won't be neutered until 2/28 so he's not available just yet.
Gorgeous Litter spotted a polydactyl  flame point <3
Great job!
Hi, gmm80.  I would really love to hear the good news that Marco has found a loving home if at all possible. Grats to the photographer for such a awesome take.
Hello KatKnapper,
Marco is not yet adoptable, unfortunately. He still needs to be neutered, and that won't be able to be done until he's fully recovered from a bout of calicivirus. He is an absolutely adorable and charming kitten, so I have no doubt he will get adopted quickly once he is available. 
I'm sure he will.  I would greatly appreciate hearing of his adoption in the near future or send me the web address to his adoption site when that time comes.  Such incredible beauty and grace were captured in his photo.  Thank you.
He is gorgeous. If I hadn't already been filled to the limit, I'd be tempted to adopt him. I bet he has such a sweet heart to go along with his pretty face. › Blog Posts › Marco Needs A Forever Home Picture Of The Week 1606