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Majestic Phillip - Picture Of The Week #1611

As I browsed this week's crop of fantastic cat photos submitted to the site, I kept coming back to one thread. The problem was choosing only one image from all the amazing photographs that @Scarlettleia added to the thread! I ended up with this one and I hope you'll approve -

@Scarlettleia was fortunate to have a photographer friends visit her home and take some pretty awesome photos of her kitties. Check out the other pictures in the thread - they are all amazing! A combination of a talented photographer and beautiful subjects equals spectacular photos!

Leave a comment to let me know what you think of this photo! Have a great weekend!



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Thank you so much Anne! I will be giving their royal highness's a special treat of wet food today to celebrate!  
Little Phillip is quite beguiling with his wide eyes and sweet expression!  All of the photos are beautiful,@Scarlettleia
what a stunning kitty 
very pretty!! LOVELY EYES!! › Blog Posts › Majestic Phillip Picture Of The Week 1611