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Kindness towards Feral Mama - Picture Of the Week #1601

I'm not sure if it's odd that both the first and second photos for 2017 are of feral cats? Scratch that, there's nothing odd about feral cats and the love and dedication TCS members hold for them. :heart3: 


In fact, it's only apt that our first photo was of feral Puff Ball and the second is of Feral Mama here - 

If last week we talked about commitments for the new year, this time it's all about fulfilling such commitments to the max. This sweet cat is so lucky to have @SimonSchuster as her caring angel. By now Feral Mama -

  • Was trapped, neutered and returned to her territory
  • Had her kittens trapped, socialized and adopted as indoor-cats by @SimonSchuster
  • Is regularly fed 
  • Has several warm shelters made around the area


Sounds to me like @SimonSchuster is doing everything that can and should do for a feral cat, but she actually wants to know if there's more she can do! So, if you have any ideas, please share them in this thread


I hope this photo and story help make you feel all warm inside this weekend, and inspire you to do something nice for the feral cats around you too. Already helping ferals? Then please share this post on Facebook and Twitter to help inspire others to do the same! 

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@Anne  Thank You so much for sharing my picture of Mama and your kind words.
What a wonderful message to wake up to this morning!
Some thoughtful comments have given me a few more ideas to help with connecting further with Mama.
This forum is a wonderful community.
Feral Mama is gorgeous, which is no surprise, since she's a CAT! ;) Thank you @SimonSchuster for putting your caring into action for her.  I hope others' comments lead to her having an even better life in your care!
What a fantastic custodian you are, Simon!  People like you give me hope for this world.  And Feral Mama is so beautiful . . . I love her markings and color, and her eyes are spectacular.  She is indeed a lucky, lucky girl.
I love this mama cat and all that is being done for her.  She is being shown true love by @SimonSchuster!
Mama cats are special to me.  Thanks for taking care of this sweet mama. › Blog Posts › Kindness Towards Feral Mama Picture Of The Week 1601