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Friendship, sleep and chocolate! Picture Of The Week #1599

Our member @Gareth provided us with the purrfect photo to end 2016 with.

"Loki and Mia in their happy place" was Gareth's description. I hope it can help us all get in the zone too! After all, two Burmese chocolate cats hugging as they take their nap together is as calming an image as you can think of, isn't it?

I hope you and your kitties are enjoying a long and just as peaceful holiday weekend! I can't believe this is our last Picture of The Week for 2016! Time sure flies when you're having fun! Happy holidays everyone and may 2017 be filled with more beautiful cat photos!


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Congratulations @Gareth .   Loki and Mia are such gorgeous kitties and they have the sweetest faces. They are so loving with their legs intertwined like that.   I'm amazed you were able to get the photo without waking them up - it's really a terrific photo in every aspect.   
Loki and Mia sure are beautiful!  Love this pic. 
They are gorgeous. I love the chocolate Burmese, the prettiest cats in my opinion. It's a beautiful photo.
They are so beautiful and I love how they are holding hands.  True friends.  So peaceful, too!  Cats are so wonderful like this!  Great choice for the last photo of 2016!  All the best from Speedy and Marianne (raysmyheart)!
Such precious kitties, wonderfully chosen for our final 'picture of the week' 2016.    They always look so angelic yet look closely and there is just that tinyest hint of a fang, and a peeping eye to give away their purrsonalities.  What could be better in photographs of cats?  :D
Gorgeous kitties.  So peaceful.  Wish I could sleep like that. haha
They both have awesome, super-silky fur...they should be hired to do a shampoo commercial lol.
What beautiful velvet kitties. Stunning photo!
They are both stunning. Together they are breathtaking. So sweet › Blog Posts › Friendship Sleep And Chocolate Picture Of The Week 1599