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Free Feral Cat Spay Day

freeferalcatspayday.jpgFriday, the 27th of April, is Free Feral Cat Spay Day.


For many people, feral cats are as transparent as glass in water. Others, often a vocal minority, consider them to be nothing more than pests or vermin and will act to "get rid" of them.


Cat lovers do see feral cats. We see them for what they are: domestic cats that belong to the very same species as the precious felines that share our homes. A great many members of are actively involved in feral cat care, providing these kitties with water, food and shelter.


Cats are very prolific creatures, and given the resources, numbers can skyrocket within months, not years. I have heard many a story where good intentions and a few bowls of cat food soon turned into a single overwhelmed and underfunded caretaker faced with way too many feline mouths to feed. This is why the only way to properly care for a colony of feral cats is by making sure every cat is spayed or neutered.


Feral cat colony management protocols call for an ongoing TNR process, where new cats are Trapped, Neutered and Released back into the colony. If you're new to feral care, then we have quite a few resources on the site to help you get acquainted with these terms and concepts:


TNR and The Law: What Feral Caretakers Need to Know


Feral Cats - The Invisible Felines


And of course, our lively Feral and Stray Cat Care forum


Back to Free Feral Cat Spay Day, a wonderful initiative by Cat Alley Rescue where over 150 clinics across the US will offer free spaying and neutering for feral cats.


Here's a list of participating clinics. You can call them directly, or contact Alley Cat Rescue with any questions at


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