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Festive Jophiel! Picture Of The Week #1598

@candicew - you have set a precedent! I do believe this is the first time we have the same member contribute our Picture Of The Week for two weeks in a row! I just couldn't pass on this awesome photo of Jophiel from your recent festive photoset

The setting, the little holiday-themed cat toy and most of all, Jophiel's beautiful face, in focus and entirely focused on the camera. Great job!

Anyone looking for more holiday-themed photos? Why, check out this month's photo contest and you shall be rewarded with beautiful festive images of cats (and one Gecko, thanks @Draco!) 

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Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

Comments (7)

Congratulations!  Beautiful cat in a great pic!
a very stunning cat photo indeed! Def a framer! (hey, we all like my gecko photo!)
Awww, Thank you you so much <3 It is a very good picture indeed, Iove it too!  Thank you so much for sharing <3 
Gorgeous tigret, great photo -- would make a wonderful card for the holiday!
Need to be put in a frame.  Adorable.
That is a very gorgeous kitten,Very Pretty and festive,I love those Emerald Green eyes!Thank you for sharing
Beautiful!  I love the soft white "snowy" background and the festive toy, but most of all beautiful Jophiel!  Congratulations! › Blog Posts › Festive Jophiel Picture Of The Week 1598