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Dump Your Man and Get a Cat

Written by Cindy Rekemeyer

For those of us who have been through divorces and/or breakups, "101 Reasons to Dump Your Man and Get a Cat" by Molly Katz (yes, that IS her real name) is the perfect mood-lifter.

At 212 pages (softcover), this little book is great for the single woman's nightstand. With one reason per page, it can be read at one sitting or, one or two of the reasons per session. Merle Nacht's illustrations add to the enjoyment.

The 101 reasons cover all manner of subjects:

Personal hygeine - one never has to remind a cat to use deodorant and your cat can get clean without leaving a wet towel on the floor.

Family relationships - you never have to take your cat-in-law to dinner on Mothers' Day and your mother will never nag you about WHICH cat to marry.

Friendships - you don't need to care if your friends don't like your cat and you can talk for hours on the phone without pissing off your cat.

Sports - cats don't have to put on a silly suit and hat and drive somewhere to play ball and you can't improve your man's mood by tossing a fuzzy mousie for him to chase.

Romance - you don't have to stand on your tiptoes to kiss your cat and your cat won't stumble home hammered and want to make love. Vanity - cats don't come home from the gym and make you feel their quads and your cat doesn't comb his hair eight different ways to hide the bald spot.

As the nominal head of a multi-cat household, this reviewer's favorite reason is: you can't have more than one man (as if you'd actually WANT more than one).

As a recent returnee to the dating game, I'm finding my own three cats to be entertaining and relatively uncomplicated companions. The cats don't snore (loudly at least), steal the covers or leave the toilet seat up. They don't care if I haven't shaved my legs and will happily kiss me, before I've brushed my teeth. On the other hand, they are self-indulgent couch potatoes, expecting food and/or affection on demand.

Face it: cats ARE men.

This book is a "must read", for any woman who is navigating the shoals and reefs of the dating/mating game or recovering from a breakup. Laughter cures heartache, every time.


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