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Cat Pages Guide & FAQ

Did you know you can create a web page for your cat, right here on All you have to do is click where it says "Cat Pages" at the top menu and then click "Add a Cat Page".


Got questions? Let's try and provide some answers. If you can't find an answer to your question here, please post your question in our Support Forum


Can I have a cat page for more than one cat?

It’s up to you, of course, but we recommend dedicating one page to each cat. Each cat has its own story and, after all, they are all individuals!


What should I name my cat page?

The title should be a combination of your cat's name and a few more words. Why those additional words? We have thousands of cat pages in the system and so you could find your title is already taken (sorry!). If your cat has a very unique name it may work for you. Otherwise we suggest using the cat's name and adding some descriptive words.


How many pictures can I add to my cat page?

There is no hard limit. Everyone loves looking at cat pictures, so by all means, share quite a few. It makes sense to add most of the pictures after the text though, or people may miss out on what you have to say.


Where can I place the pictures on my cat page?

Anywhere really. We suggest placing your text first, so people don't miss out on it. You can definitely add a few pictures alongside the text though. Here's a quick tip on adding pictures alongside your text:

Upload your picture and then right-click on the image to bring up the image properties dialog box:


You should be getting this dialog box pop up -

This allows you to control various aspects of your image, including exact size, margin space and more. In order to have the image aligned alongside your text, click where it says Alignment and choose "left" or "right". Feel free to play with this and other image settings until you get the result you want.


How often can I edit my cat page?

You can come back and edit your cat page as often as you like.


What kind of information should I have on my cat page?

Here are some ideas:

  • Is your cat female or male?
  • How old is your cat and what's his/her year of birth?
  • What does she/he look like?
  • How did you meet?
  • What's your cat's life story?
  • What's your cat's personality like?
  • What are his/her favorite treats/food/toys?
  • Any special stories about your life together?


Can I make a tribute page to a Rainbow Bridge cat?

Yes, you certainly can. It can be a wonderful way to celebrate your cat's life.


Can I add links to my cat page?

In an effort to keep this site free of spam, please do not link to external websites from your cat page. You can link to a gallery, an article or a product page on this site.


Can I share my cat page with others?

By all means, please do share your cat page! You can share it here in our community via your signature. Instructions on how to add a link from your forum signature to your cat pages.Outside of TCS, feel free to share your page on Facebook, Pinterest or any other way!

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I'm hunting for a white kitten 6to 8 weeks ld
Thank you for all the kind wishes for newcomers (I am one) and for all the advice and help on blogging on here!  Lovely thoughts. I have so far felt very welcomed on the site!
My 8 year old male kitty, Boots, arrived on my doorstep in the arms of a neighbor who 'knew' I couldn't turn away a starving kitten. Boots was 2 pounds when he arrived, vet said he was 3 months old & starving. Got him healthy and he is the best cat I've ever owned except he is truly 'a scare-dy cat' around strangers. My 10 year old German Shepherd mix became Boots' best friend, they played and napped together. When my 14 year old dog, Sunshine, took her last breath, Boots grieved for his big sister. SO, off to the pound I went. I found a beautiful 2 year old long haired kitty I named Amy (Beloved one).  Boots slowly accepted his new little sister but now, 2 years later, they sleep together, Boots loves to groom Amy but she won't return the favor. They both want my attention and there is still some issues if I pet one more than the other. 
How do I access a cat page? If I want to see someone's page how do I access it? When I go to cat pages I can see posts but when I click on one it brings me to that person's profile and not their cat page. › Blog Posts › Cat Pages Guide Faq