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Beating Boredom - What Indoor Cat Owners Need to Know

Cats are predators, made for a life of action. As more and more cat owners opt for keeping their cats securely indoors, cat behaviorists are seeing a new cause for behavior problems: boredom. Many cats simply do not get enough stimulation in their secure indoor environments. That can lead to a myriad of behavior problems or simply to a bored, sleepy, and often overweight feline.


The right amount of stimulation is essential for our cat's physical and mental well-being. There are many ways in which we can enrich our cats' lives, so let's review our ten ideas for fighting kitty boredom:


1. A cat enclosure is a great way to let your cat enjoy the atmosphere of the great outdoors while keeping her safe. You can read more about cat enclosures here, and get some inspiration for building your own here.


2. A window sill shelf is probably a more viable option if you live in an apartment. Even if you have no access to a backyard, and thus can't build an enclosure, you can still place a cat shelf right next to a properly screened and secured window, allowing your cat a safe place from which to look out and check out the street.


3. Speaking of shelves, the more cat furniture you can put up for your cat, the better. Whether you call them cat trees, cat gyms or cat condos, providing your cat with solid and stable places to climb and perch on, will add more space to her territory and more places to explore. You can find more information about cat furniture here, and read cat furniture reviews by our members here.


4. Cat toys are a great weapon in your fight against kitty boredom! Try a variety of toys, to see which ones your cat prefers. Keep the toy collection out of reach, and provide your cat with only 2-3 toys at a time, rotating them every few days. Read more about cat play and cat toys here. Don't just think about cat balls and fake mice here, try interactive toys such as the SmartCat Peek-a-Prize Pet Toy Box


5. Catnip can be a great way to spice up kitty's day. Try it with your cat to see if he or she reacts to catnip, as not all cats do. If catnip works for your cat, you can use it in toys or just sprinkled around in a nice little heap, once in a while. If catnip doesn't work for your cat, you may want to try honeysuckle instead.


6. Interactive play is a great way to relieve kitty boredom while strengthening that special bond between you and your cat. Try fishing rod type toys such as  Da Bird Cat Toy, where you can simulate a hunting scene, by moving the object around as if it were a mouse or a bird. Make sure your hands do not come into contact with the cat during those games, as cats will naturally be aggressive towards prey.


7. Work-For-Treats type toys can be a great option for some cats. Instead of just giving out treats to your cat, leave them in a toy such as the  Play-N-Treat Treat Ball, with some dry kibble treats inside. The extra play and work will keep Kitty entertained and happy while you're away.


8. Send your cat to the movies. Or rather, try letting Kitty watch nature-show DVD's produced especially for cats, such as the PetQwerks Kitty Movie Entertainment DVD for Cats. Not every cat responds to recorded shows, but some do find them fascinating, so it could be worth a try.


9. Depending on your cat's character and your neighborhood, you may consider training your cat to walk on a leash for some joint outdoors excursion. This solution is not for every cat, and the training process can take a while, but some owners and cats find it a good arrangements and there's nothing quite like a supervised walk outside.


10. Lastly, if you're worried about leaving your cat alone for long hours, consider getting him or her a feline playmate. Obviously, there are more aspects to be considered when it comes to the decision of whether or not to adopt a second cat. Not all cats benefit from having another cat introduced into their lives, and you could be looking at a long and demanding introduction process. Usually, this is a better solution with kittens or younger cats, but it could also enhance the life quality of some older, more sociable cats.



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Thankyou the information was very helpful.. I had a cat enclosure built off our garage... a spacious enclosure in the front and providing a cat door, then at the back of the garage to the window a cat door was instu another cat encl with a tree and tunnels that go right round the property behind the trees... still the cat was bored maybe lonely, so started walking on lease relieved alot of boredom for the cat, seemed happier so do that for a hr a day... plus cat has toys etc and ramps...still must be the best encl I have seen .
Melbourne, australia
No boredom in our house, our seven cats are always playing and running and chasing each other around the house, we have the occasional cat scrap but for the most part, it's never boring around here.
Well hello everyone and i would like to share with you all an item i bought last week for our 4 cats. I was astonished when the youngest cat/kitten wee smokie immediately jumped on the very first section of this cat tree as i attempted to assemble it. How funny it was to have her with me every step of the way until i had completed it. But the funniest part was when her Mother Cassie appeared and approached to check it out, lol wee Smokie done a fancy hop/skip/ bounce and double flipped her paw off her Mum`s butt as if to say (on your way,this is all mine) Both my wife and i where in stitches lol. Anyway this cost less than £50 delivered and was easy enough to build and as i type Cassie has been sleeping on one of the perches for last 3hrs.
Wish my cat would go on hers, she wasn't socialized so we have problems. Its a cieling size one. The last one l got for my last cat went in front of the window but this one wont fit as it blocks the tv. The only thing she plays with is a stone she found yet there are lots of things  l bought her but its maybe due to her behavior problems. › Cat Care Articles › Beating Boredom What Indoor Cat Owners Need To Know