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April Blog of the Month - Cat Man Do by Dr Arnold Plotnick

plotnick.jpgFor those of us who are fascinated with feline health, April's Blog of the Month is a real treat! Cat-Man-Do contains a wealth of detailed information about cat health and nutrition, displayed through real-life case studies of patients in this cat-only clinic. I know you'll enjoy both the blog itself, and this great interview with blogger and veterinarian Dr Arnold Plotnick:


Please, tell us about yourself and your cats.


I’m a veterinarian, board certified in internal medicine and specializing in feline medicine.  I am the owner of Manhattan Cat Specialists, a full-service feline-only veterinary hospital on the upper west side of New York City.  In addition to being a practicing vet, I also like to write, and I’m the Ask the Vet columnist for CatFancy magazine and an online advice columnist for  I also have my blog, Cat Man Do. I live in New York City with two wonderful cats, Crispy and Mittens.  I’ve always had an affinity for cats, and I’m glad I’m able to pursue my interest here in my beloved home city, The Big Apple.


How and why have you started blogging?


I started blogging when I realized that I come across a lot of interesting cases, clients, and cats during the course of my day, and I wanted to share this with fellow cat lovers.  I’m not sure exactly when I started; I think it’s been more than a year now.  I had a internet-savvy friend of mine set up the blog, and it’s taken off from there.


What is the focus of the Blog - Your special angle on cats?


The focus is mostly on feline health issues, including details about specific real life cases that I encounter during my day at work.  I try to give the reader an idea of the thought  processes that veterinarians experience when trying to diagnose challenging cases.  I also like to travel, and I go out of my way to find cats in the course of my travels and take pictures, showing my readers the beautiful cats that can be found around the world.


When and where do you usually write your blog posts? Where are your cats when you’re writing and do they help out?


catmando.JPGI’m off from work every Wednesday, and that’s my usual blogging day.  I write my posts on my laptop, on the dining room table.  Crispy is 11 years old and is content to sleep nearby on the couch, oblivious to what I’m doing.  Mittens, on the other hand, is only five, and she is constantly circling my laptop, occasionally trying to run across the keyboard. She is an attention hound, and she will not take no for an answer.  So I take frequent breaks to give her a little lovin’.


Are you currently involved, or have you been involved in the past in other cat writing projects? Can you tell us a little bit about those?


I’ve written chapters in several veterinary textbooks, and was the medical editor for Catnip magazine for the past 8 years, where I contributed many feature articles and coordinated the “Dear Doctor” column.  I’ve written many feature articles for CatFancy magazine, Cats USA magazine, and Kittens USA magazine.  A few months ago I wrote the entire medical section for a book entitled The Complete Cat Bible which is scheduled for publication in 2013.


Is there a single blog post that you're most proud of? Care to share the story and a link to that post?


I’m particularly proud of my series of posts on the cats of Istanbul.  In September of 2011 I traveled to Istanbul on vacation and discovered a fantastic city just teeming with beautiful, well cared-for stray cats.  I wrote a travelogue all about the spectacular sights and experiences of Istanbul, generously interspersed with pictures of the great cats I encountered.  Here’s a link to it:


Any special message for members?

I’d like to thank them for reading my blog and I commend them for seeking out stories and information about the greatest of species: the cat.


Visit Cat Man Do here


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