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About Us, or TCS for short, is an online community dedicated to promoting better cat care and cat welfare.


We aim at  -


1. Providing cat-related advice to cat owners, with the best interest of the cat in mind. We work hard at helping cats by creating a welcoming and friendly environment where cat owners can come together to learn more about their cats and the best ways to care for them.


2. Creating a lively online community where avid cat lovers can share pictures and stories about their cats as well as develop social interactions with like-minded people. Our fully-moderated site provides a safe haven for these dedicated cat people, for whom their cats are part of the family.

While other large “cat websites” tend to emphasize jokes and funny pictures, at TCS we focus on what’s best for the cats. In that light, we take a clear stand on issues such as spaying & neutering, declawing and more, and strive to actively educate visitors about proper cat care. This puts TCS head and shoulders above the competition and gives us a unique flavor as a community.


Finally, some numbers...


TCS was established in 2000. As of 2016, we have over 100,000 registered members and over 2.2 million pageviews a month from more than 1.2 million unique visitors. More stats available here


If this is your first time around, please let us introduce you to what lovers of cats do on this site. This article will guide you through our various features and let you know why you need to register and become part of our family of cat lovers. › Cat Care Articles › About Us