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A mystery named Oliver - Picture Of the Week #1609

This incredibly handsome boy was adopted from a shelter five years ago. Ever since then, @nickirows's family is in dispute over Oliver's roots. The shelter said he was feral, so no one knows his background. Could he be a Birman or maybe a Ragdoll?

Inquiring minds want to know. Other minds will settle for just enjoying his beauty!

@nickirows posted the question in our forum: Describing Cats - What Does My Cat Look Like? I really recommend reading the actual thread here. It has more awesome photos of Oliver and also a hilarious description of his character and habits. Whatever his lineage, it's clear that this former-stray has found a wonderful forever home :heart3:

I hope everyone's having a wonderful weekend! Don't forget to help Kitty be more active today - more tips here:  7 Proven Ways to Get Your Cat to Be More Active  




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Ragdoll... Birman... He seems not to care... A very handsome boy with a cute face and gorgeous blue eyes.
Well, Oliver definitely has some Siamese genealogy going on there, and some Angora or Persian roots as well. @Mama Africa is right! 
Such a handsome cat!  Beautiful blue eyes.
WOW stunning!!! Ragdoll looking to me. Birman? Norwegian? Beautiful!
Arrrrgggg . . .  I just want to run my fingers through his fur!
I would love to bump noses with him!  :)
His background is "absolutely adorable" wish I could have him to go with my gray and orange cats:( Those blue eyes looking up from the orange that Taz is, the two of them with their big sister behind them could sucker anything out of me.
Whatever his background may be , he is simply gorgeous.
Thank you so much everyone! I am going home to my mom's house this Friday and I will be certain to tell him how much everyone adores him! Unlike most cats, he may actually show appreciation!
I want to get into the minds of cats I've loved, past and present, to know their true origins.  Our shelter cats are such a mystery.  
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